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Sunday, February 12, 2017

ARC Review: Enforcer's Price by Sarah Hawthorne

I love MC romance but I have complicated feelings about books involving prostitution which this one has. Krista is a single mother who went from stripping to being a paid clubwhore for the local MC. She meets Cole when he comes to town from a larger MC chapter. Cole is working with Krista's MC prez to facilitate a mass patch over of the whole club. For all you non-MC readers that means the small club was merging into a larger one.  Cole is supposed to figure out how and why Krista's club is losing money before the patch over. Here's the thing, when Cole arrives in town, except the club prez Krista's whole club is gone. So Cole shows up at the one moment in time when Krista has no customers. 

Due to some miscommunication Krista thinks Cole knows what she does and that he is ok with it. That is not the case. So of course Cole and Krista bond and become this wonderful couple just in time for Cole to discover that Krista makes her money the old fashioned way. The oldest way in fact. Cole flips out but not because Krista is a clubwhore. Because actually finding out that your girl is an actual hoe might be a good reason to go off. But no. Cole is mad because he thinks Krista decieved him. He drops her like a lying whore which is only half justified. Krista is crushed. She had decided to stop turning tricks because she was falling in love. When Cole dumps her and she starts having money issues she goes back to her old job.

And this is the part where I really started to be like hell no. I HATE when the main characters have sex with other people after they are together. If that is not an issue for you, it might not be a problem with this book for you. The other thing that disrupted my enjoyment of this book was the length of time it took Cole to understand that Krista did not intentionally mislead him. Cole has fallen in love with Krista but he stubbornly denies it for most of the book. It was just too much for me. You love the girl, pull yourself together sir. There were several good things in this book but for me there were too many distractions for this to make it to my fave list. I would totally read other books by this author though.

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