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Saturday, February 18, 2017

ARC Review: Make Me by Beth Kery

This book was originally 8 installments in a series. When I started reading the series, I was reading each installment in it separately. My impression after reading the whole thing together is different than what it was when the parts of this book were actually separate books.By putting all these installments together as one book, you wind up with a long book that feels like it is repetitive in some spots and, dragging in others and just going in completely random directions in other spots. Each part of the book has it's own subplot, rising action and climax but the central issue in the book is not resolved until the very end. I have to be honest, even though some of the installments in the series would have been a high 4 star rating for me, after reading the whole book, I was exhausted. I actually skimmed over sex scenes because each one was similar to the one before, they took up a lot of pages and I just wanted to get to the flipping point.

The premise of this book about Harper and Jacob is intriguing. So if you read the blurb of this book you know that Harper moves to Tahoe to start over after she basically loses her whole family. Jacob is the mysterious tech billionaire whose enigmatic sex appeal is legendary on the lake shores. From the very first time Harper meets Jacob she is drawn to him with such intensity it's as if her body somehow remembers him. And that may be more true than Harper knows. Harper and Jacob embark on a "no strings" relationship but that sure doesn't seem to be no ties because oh how Jacob loved him some tied up lovin.

Harper quickly discovers that she has a strong desire for sexual submission. This suits Jacob perfectly because he wants to dominate. At the same time it becomes more and more clear to Harper and us that what Jacob really wants is to take care of Harper. I love a tortured alpha male. I was totally here for Jacob to be tormented by the strength of his attraction towards Harper. Jacob is used to being in control. Losing that control was not something he either enjoyed or reacted well to. Harper struggles to understand where Jacob is coming from when one minute he is smoking hot and the next ice cold.

As the book progresses we learn more and more about the history between Jacob and Harper. It's a history that not even Harper is aware of and it explains why Jacob has such intense feelings about Harper. The background between this couple is shrouded in mystery and unanswered questions. And all of this is fun for like 60% of the book. After that point, we are going around and around the same territory again. Not to mention the book is jumping back and forth between 20 years ago and the present. The POV between Harper and Jacob also switches more often than I like. By the end of the book, I was just like, oh for crying out loud tell us why Harper doesn't remember Jacob. And then the author does and I wanted to punch somebody in the face. If I had gotten the way overly simplistic explanation like 100 pages into this book I might have been ok. It was not worth waiting 8 installments worth of book for. I think you will enjoy parts of this book more than the whole thing. If this book is ever edited down and some of the redundancy removed, it could be really good.

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