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Thursday, February 16, 2017

ARC Review: Wildfire by Anne Stuart

Wildfire is book three in Anne Stuart’s Fire series. It was a good read even if the plot was a little thin. There was a lot of internal conflict for both main characters which undoubtedly leads to more internal dialogue. The antagonist, Archer, is a narcissistic megalomaniac and truly evil, but he was kind of annoying. One thing I love about Anne Stuart’s suspense is that it is not sugar coated, it’s gritty and dark. Her Heroes aren’t always very nice, in fact I think out of the last three books this one, Malcolm, is the least asshole-ish of all of them. I really like Sophie she was a very strong and determined character, she is all alone basically held prisoner by Archer.

Originally sent to kill Archer rookie member of the Committee, Sophie, falls in love with him. When Archer finds out why she was there he tries to have her killed but only leaves her paralyzed from the waist down. Archer then spends the next three years tormenting and keeping Sophie prisoner on his island. Sophie is determined to kill Archer and get off the island she has an ace up her sleeve, she never let anyone know she gained feeling back in her legs and has been strength training for the last two years; now she’s ready to follow through on the original plan of killing Archer. Malcolm is deep undercover for the Committee his next assignment is to kill Archer and stop the production of a new bioweapon from being distributed. The Committee told Malcolm that what happens to Sophie is his choice, before getting on the island he is pretty much sure he’s going to kill her or leave her to die but after seeing the once Committee member confined to a wheelchair, as much as he tries to debate with himself he knows he going to save her.

Sophie and Malcolm are at odds for the first half of the book, especially after she finds out who he works for she is sure he’s going to kill her too. But after Archer pretty much demands that Archer sleep with Sophie, the dynamic changes between Malcolm and Sophie. They still don’t know whether they can trust each other yet but the angry sex let of a bunch of steam. The bullying them into sex plan pretty much blew up in Archer’s face and all the carefully laid plans go downhill from there. Archer is such a self-centered idiot most of the interaction between him and everyone else is aggravating. Malcolm knows what he wants he just won’t let himself have it. Sophie is so tired of being helpless, she just wants it over by any means necessary.

Overall, a good read. I wish there had been a little bit more between Sophie and Malcolm.

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