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Saturday, May 20, 2017

ARC Review: The Bad Luck Bride by Janna MacGregor

The Bad Luck Bride is Janna MacGregor's debut and the first in a series called Cavensham Heiresses. For a debut, I found this book to be pretty good. 

Lady Claire Cavensham has had some seriously bad luck when it comes to matrimony. She has been engaged many times, but unfortunately has never actually made it down the aisle. This is surprising because she is beautiful and an heiress, which is highly desirable among the ton. Sadly though it leaves Claire thinking she is cursed. She came off pretty superstitious to me.

Alexander Hallworth is a Marquess who also has had troubles. His younger sister committed suicide, and the note she leaves explaining her choice causes Alex to focus on revenge. In his quest to take down the man he feels is responsible, he steals the man's betrothed, Lady Claire. A small part of him is trying to save her from the disgrace of losing another marriage, but mostly he is concerned with his revenge plot.

Claire and Alex turn out to be quite a good match. They both have a strong physical attraction to each other, but they also have the ability and want to discover the other's secrets. Through a lot of trial and error, and believe me there is quite a bit of animosity on Claire's part, they begin to understand one another. It creates a strong bond.

I liked this book. I think it shows real potential for Janna MacGregor. Her story line was great, and if her telling of it wasn't as polished, I think she will only grow from this point. What she did pretty well though, was not telling secrets all at once. I learned little by little what made each character who they are. That is a really good thing for an author to portray. I'm very interested in reading the rest of the series.

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