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Monday, May 15, 2017

ARC Review: Rebel Custody by Sarah Hawthorne

Before you get all worked up about me hurling my Kindle across the room and screaming "NO" before I could finish this book, let me explain a few things. First, this is the second book in the Demon Horde MC series that I have read. You don't need to read the first one if you want to read this one but based on the first book, I thought the series would be decent and I gave it another chance. The second thing you need to know, I can't actually tell you whether this book is good. It might be, I don't know because I didn't read it...hence the "DNF" rating. And that brings me to my final point, the reason I didn't get past the 20% mark.

Everybody has book triggers. You know the things that will cause you to accidentally crack your e-reader or spend all day googling how to return unsatisfactory products to Amazon. Well I have two very unexpected triggers. The first is ridiculous bullshit involving children. The second, which is ordinarily unrelated, is ridiculous bullshit involving lawyers. And wonders never cease because this book managed to hit BOTH of my book triggers in like the first 50 pages. And for me, that's a deal breaker. The males could be alpha heroes with gigantic cocks and dirty mouths (which you all know I LOVE) but I am not reading a book with both stupid lawyer and stupid kid crap. No, that's asking too much.

Ok, and I know I only mentioned two triggers but another thing about this book which wasn't a deal breaker but I also didn't love was that it took away the things I love about reading MC romance. I read MC romance books because I love super alpha males who don't take any shit and are also sorta criminals. Right from the beginning of this book I was confused about how Skeeter fit that mold. Some random dude rolls up on Skeeter and threatens him and his kid and Skeeter...gets a lawyer???? Instead of taking the guy to ground (i.e., killing him) as they would say in the MC world. I was like, WTF just happened. Skeeter let a guy threaten him and his kid and he seeks protection in the law? Since when do bikers do this??

And just briefly, here comes what I really didn't like- Skeeter and the "lawyer" (who I guess becomes his love interest. Again, I don't know because I didn't read the book) find Skeeter's child. Skeeter knows it's his kid because the kid is his clone. After they find the kid in some run down motel room being guarded by a crack whore (I mean REALLY), they just leave the kid there....I was like no, nope, nah, not doing this. Skeeter was a coward and the "lawyer" was an idiot who was not familiar with the actual law and I was done.

Oh by the by, if you find out that you have a child and the child is being held for ransom by strangers who have no legal right to the child, if you find the child unattended, just take the kid and walk away. Without legal documents to the contrary, paternity determines legal rights over children. So should the police come knocking at your door, just take a paternity test and voila, the kid is yours. Don't be a dumbass like Skeeter and his "lawyer."

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