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Thursday, May 18, 2017

ARC Review: Where I Found You, Brooke O'Brien

I'm not sure how I got this book because I normally bypass young adult romance but somehow I got this one. So we have to split this review in two. On the one hand, if you love YA romance with some angst, decent character development and a plot with a few twists and turns, you might actually love this book. If you are like me and you love really grown up adult erotic romance, this definitely is not the book for you.

When this book opens, Ellie is trying her best to start over. We don't find out until later in the book exactly what is lurking in Ellie's past. We do know that some really bad things happened to Ellie (like the creepy stepdad kind of bad things so mind your triggers) and that she has finally made the choice to pull a Kelly Clarkson and breakaway (that was a song, remember? I love that song). Before her journey into her new life can really begin, Ellie meets Callum at a bus station.

Callum is hot as he is gruff. He's got issues and a history that are his own and he happens to be headed to the same place as Ellie. Callum's instinct to care for Ellie kicks in almost immediately. Ellie's instinct to protect herself and her general distrust of men, however, prove to be somewhat problematic. Things start off a little bumpy but have no fear. That tricky girl, coincidence, brings our two leading characters together repeatedly.

What happens next is somewhat expected. Callum and Ellie develop a really deep emotional bond. In fact it's one of the most well described and developed relationships I've ever seen in a book like this (not that I've read many but still). Callum and Ellie, throughout the book, both have to face down the really scary demons from their past. Ellie's demons even become a bit more concrete through some things that happen in the book.

So back to the beginning. If you like YA books, this is a great book for you and will probably be in the 4 or 5 star range. I'm just not a YA girl and this was too angsty and not enough eroticism for me so not my favorite.

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