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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Review: Next to You by Claudia Y. Burgoa

Next to You is the second book in Claudia Y. Burgoa's Life series and is the continuation of Dan and Becca's story. I would definitely recommend reading these in order as I think you will be lost and miss out on so much if you don't start at the beginning. I have been looking forward to finding out what was next for Dan and Becca since I finished their first book, and I am so glad that these two were able to make so much progress in this story. It was frustrating at times and heartbreaking at others, but I knew that what they shared was special and I just had to have faith that they could find their way back to one another.

After Dan's fiance and best friend left his saying that she needed time to heal, he is left shattered and heart broken. He drowns his sorrows in alcohol while he goes about destroying any evidence of her from his life. Rebecca struggles to heal after the painful events of her past, and she knows that if she doesn't take the time to work on herself that there is no chance for a future with anyone else. While she never meant to hurt Dan, she knows that he is suffering from her absence just like she is. While they miss each other, there is also a lot of resentment and hurt feelings between them that need to be dealt with. The two begin to write to each other and finally begin to explain things to one another, being honest in a way that they never were before. Can these Dan and Rebecca find their way back to one another and the inseparable relationship that they once had? Or will the pain and hurt be too much for them to ever overcome?

I felt like Dan and Rebecca both made a lot of progress in this story. I have to say that Rebecca surprised me with how much growth she showed. She knew what needed to be done and finally stood on her own two feet to get it. It was hard and painful for her, and yet it didn't stop her. She knew that by leaving she might be losing Dan forever, but she also realized that if she didn't go she would end up losing him anyways. It was great to see her really put forth that effort and stick to it. I felt like she really showed her maturity in this story, and it was great to see her focusing on her health and well being. Dan continued to try to control things, and he went through a pretty destructive patch in this one. While I didn't agree with his actions or support a lot of his decisions, it was clear how hurt and frustrated he was. He didn't understand, and was left to feel the hurt and pain of Becca leaving. I was glad that he was able to come around eventually though and that he started to see that he needed to deal with some things as well.

Becca and Dan were such a different couple, and I really felt like what they shared was special. These two were great together and had always been there for one another, but they still had such a journey to take. While their journey as a couple was just beginning, it was really their separate paths that ultimately made a relationship between them possible. It was hard to see these two struggle and be apart with no hope at times, but it was clear from the start that what they went through was necessary for them both. I felt like my main issue from the first book was again the problem with this book. I thought that there were a ton of side characters that were unnecessary and left me confused and lost multiple times. I just had a hard time keeping track of all these different names and back stories, and frankly I just didn't think that they added much to the story and I couldn't really care about them. I think that Dan and Becca's story was still one worth reading and even though it was tough at times it was one that will stick with me. I would definitely recommend this series to those that are looking for something deep and real. This story wasn't always pretty or sweet, but it showed that true love sometimes require some work from the individuals to be able to work as a whole. I will look for more from Claudia Y. Burgoa in the future, and be interested to see what she writes next.

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  1. Glad you liked it, Casey! I like the sounds of this romance and how there's drama but the kind that gets you emotionally invested, not annoyed if you know what I mean. I also like that it's a duology - I think we need more nowadays where a middle book is often nothing more than fluff. Great review! :)


  2. Thank you Casey for such a great review and being part of the tour x