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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Audiobook Review: Rogue by Katy Evans, Narrated by Jason Carpenter and Shayna Thibodeaux

I was somewhat hesitant to start Rogue by Katy Evan if I am being honest. While I really loved Real, I struggled a bit with Remy and Mine. Don't get me wrong I love Brooke and Remy, but I felt like with Remy and Mine they weren't as good as Real, and I found them to be repetitive. I was really interested in Melanie though. I loved her as Brooke's friend, and I couldn't wait to get to know her better. I think that Katy Evans did a great job with Rogue and I really loved Greyson and Melanie. I was really excited that this book had both a male and female narrator and I felt like that really brought this story to life. Before listening to Rogue, I had no experience with either Jason Carpenter or Shayna Thibodeaux. But I would definitely love to listen to more from Jason Carpenter! He could not have done a better job with Greyson, and he absolutely made this story for me.

Melanie has always wanted to fall in love and get married. Ever since Brooke found Remy, she has been wishing that she had her own Remy. When she meets Greyson and he helps save her car from the rain, they both feel a connection unlike anything they have ever felt before. Melanie knows that Greyson could be more than just another guy, and for the first time she begins to picture her future with him rather than just with generalities. But Melanie only sees what Greyson allows her to, and has no idea about his secret life. She has no idea who he really is, or what his real job entails. Melanie looks forward to the times when they are together, and Greyson does his best to make up for all the time that he has to be away from her. But when Melanie finds out about who he really is, things get complicated and dangerous quickly. Greyson would do anything to make Melanie his forever and to protect her from his world. But will it be enough to keep her safe and make her his for always?

I really loved Greyson. He was so complicated and mysterious, but he was completely driven. He was determined to do his job with the end game of finishing and finally getting the information on his mother that he had been waiting for since he was a boy. He was so drawn to Melanie, and he knew that things with her would never be easy. He wanted to protect her and care for her, but he also knew that no one could find out or she could be used against him. You could really tell that he would do anything for her, and that his feelings for her were so real and intense. I thought that Melanie was great as well. She was strong and feisty, but she was also more vulnerable than she let on. I loved that she was private and kept things to herself because she was capable, and she wanted to do it on her own. She could have easily taken from others or had her friends bail her out, but she was as determined as Greyson was in her own way. I loved the banter between Greyson and Melanie, and I really enjoyed that they kept each other on their toes. They were a great match and a lot of that was because they both pushed the other and challenged each other while also being there for one another and offering them the support that they needed. I really thought that they had off the charts chemistry though and that these two were beyond hot! They really had the steamy stuff down, and I loved every bit of it.

As far as my rating goes, it was sort of hard for me to pick an exact amount because of everything I had to take into consideration. I would definitely say this book was between a 4 and 5 star rating based on story alone. I loved the story and the characters, and I thought that the writing itself was great. If I were to rate this story based on Jason Carpenter's narration this would absolutely be a 5 star rating. He was fantastic! I loved the emotion in his voice and how he brought Greyson to life with ease. His voice was easy to listen to, and I think I would listen to him read pretty much anything. He drew me into the story and really held my attention. I loved his portions of this book and I never wanted them to end. I hated having to wait to return to his narration and preferred his narration by far. But if I was to rate this book based on Shayna Thibodeaux's narration, the rating would be much lower and probably be only a 2 or 3 star rating. I didn't like her voice at all, and I thought that she was irritating for almost all of her parts. I felt like she was emotionless and never really could get used to her voice. I thought that I would warm up to her over the course of this book, but it just never happened. It really felt like someone was sitting in front of me just reading something and it wasn't able to hold my interest like with Jason's parts. If it wasn't for the story itself and Jason, I think I would have given up because of her parts. This audiobook would have been so much better if Jason Carpenter had been the narrator for the entire story. I will say that after listening to Rogue, I can't wait for more from Katy Evans and I want to go listen to everything that Jason Carpenter has done. Even though I didn't care for Shayna Thibodeaux's narration, I really think that this audiobook is worth it for Jason's performance as well as the story itself.

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