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Sunday, October 12, 2014

ARC Review: Broken by Laura Wright

Well, I’ll be damned if Laura did not outdo herself with this latest Cavanaugh Brothers book! I was wrapped up in the story instantly and beyond excited to start reading to begin with. After all, we got a small glimpse of the chemistry between James Cavanaugh and Sheridan O’ Neil (Deacon’s number one Assistant!) during the first installment. The story leaves off right where Branded ended and the initial issue involves Sheridan and her inability to get close to people, even as just a friend. This includes Mac, Deacon’s (James’ older brother) soon to be bride who we fell in love with during the first book. Mac is preparing for her wedding and has no girlfriends to help her out…enter Sheridan.

Deacon is away on business throughout a good part of this book, but Mac is smack in the middle. Sheridan gets caught up in the wedding business and finds a home in River Black as Mac wiggles her way into Sheridan’s closed-off heart to become a good friend. Of course, the drama only begins once James becomes enthralled with Sheridan. James, our sexy, rough, but sweet horse whisperer not only has a way with horses but women too. Well, he did anyways, until he chose to become a love-them-and-leave-them kind of guy thanks to his belief that every woman he gets close to gets hurt, or killed. So, it’s quite clear James is in trouble once he realizes he just cannot get enough of the lovely red-headed Sheridan.

With that said, we cannot forget that Sheridan also has her commitment issues. Hell, she only has commitment issues in the sense of simply not committing to even date anyone at all…or befriend anyone. After growing up with just her mother, she concluded it would be easier to just never get close to anyone; period. So, the both of them have their flirtatious moments, and sexy lustful looks, but there is always a little bit discomfort for the both of them. I think this is why the moments of pleasure in this book were so much more enjoyable. I constantly was crossing my fingers in hopes that they would kiss or have sex, or enjoy dirty foreplay. Therefore, a sigh of contentment and some blushing was a downright guarantee. This is just one more reason I love Laura’s writing; sensuality, dirty talk, and romance are perfection in her novels!

Not to mention the scenery in the book. I love the places that Sheridan and James connected. The scenes with the horses made me swoon for James and his ability to be gentle and wise while tending to such powerful animals. Furthermore, Sheridan always faced a new fear or tried something new when she spent time with him; James makes her stronger. There were also scenes with potential nudity and lakes, as well as the wedding planning that James and her were roped into doing together. The both of them just fit so well. They went on wonderful dates (although they didn’t call them that), and we got to see a softness in Sheridan that is rarely there. Usually, Sheridan is very professional, uptight, and a no-bullshit kind of woman.

Obviously, I love this about her, but it was nice to see James bring out the more girly side of her. James, on the other hand, just becomes much more considerate and contemplative than he already was. However, his issues with opening up are really at the core of the drama between the two of them because Sheridan admits her feelings sooner than James is able. Then, of course, there is the new puzzle involving the Cavanaugh brothers’ sister Cass and her death. This new information not only brings the brother’s closer to answers they desire, but causes James to face his demons head on.

Now, one cannot forget the tragedy the boy’s endured after their sister’s murder. The abuse, the tarnished sanity of their mother, and the coldness of their father Everett, is what drew the boy’s back to River Black in the first book. We got a clue during Branded that just maybe the case could be re-opened so the boys could not only avenge their sister Cass, but find the truth. Well, James and Cole (the youngest Cavanaugh), take it upon themselves to do some investigating and they gather some information. However, with another danger lurking in River Black; a man who is after Sheridan, we get more than we bargained for.

Yes, you read that right…a man after Sheridan! Remember how I mentioned that no-bullshit attitude of hers? Well, her cleverness and unwillingness to let Deacon get cheated while he builds his own ranch gets her into trouble, violent trouble. The man who goes after Sheridan could be directly connected to Cass’s murder, or at least know who is. So, the Cavanaugh brother’s not only have another clue to finding the truth, but James is in even more trouble emotionally. After Sheridan’s attack, James cannot not only deny how much he cares for Sheridan, but he believes he really is cursed because he wasn’t there to protect her.

Then, there is Cole! Oh, I truly enjoyed being inside his head, and getting to experience his bad boy antics (he really is devilishly yummy). He is very beaten up over Cass, and as her twin feels a different loss than his two brothers. Therefore, I understand his rage a bit better than the others, as well as his unconventional ways of digging for information. If only the lovely, protective, and witty Dr. Grace Hunter would agree with me (though I secretly think she has eyes for Cole). Grace Hunter is the daughter of the Sheriff who originally investigated Cass’s disappearance and the boy’s believe she has access to more information than she is willing to share. Naturally, there is chemistry between Cole and Grace, and I’ll admit that my interest is piqued.

Ultimately, the book revolves around the same characters we come to love in the first book. This was very important and central to what made the book wonderful in my opinion. The storyline is very personal to the main characters, so it is great that Laura kept every main character well-connected (though I’ll admit I missed seeing Blue!). With that said, she was able to bring in new characters as needed to provide just the right amount of danger and intrigue to the story, while also bringing aforementioned characters more into the light (Grace Hunter, for example). In the end, I thought the book was incredibly well-written, seductive, romantic, and nail-biting-worthy with just the right touch of drama. With good reason, I cannot wait for the next ride!

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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  1. This sounds great and such a fun, enthusiastic review!

    1. Thank you for this positive and sweet reply! Writing is my passion, and books are my favorite thing in the world to indulge in. It makes me happy to bring them together! Thank you again, I am glad you liked my review, this truly is a great series :)


  2. I thought the same thing about James and Sheridan's story. I loved it much better than the first one and I am totally salivating for book three.

    1. I know! I an very excited for Cole's story! Thank you for reading my review and commenting. I appreciate it very much! I love Laura, not just for her writing, but for how giving and sweet she is with her fans. Have you read her and Alexandra Ivy's Bayou Heat Series? So good.

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