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Sunday, October 5, 2014

ARC Review: Loving Eden by T.A. Foster

Loving Eden is the sequel to Kissing Eden by T.A. Foster and continues the story of Grey and Eden. I was excited to get more of these two after reading the first book and was really looking forward to catching up on where they were. While I did like this book, it wasn't as good as the first in my opinion. This one just felt like it was missing something and didn't pack quite the same punch that the first story did.

After returning home for awhile, Eden decides to pack up her life and move back to Texas to be with Grey. She intends to move in with him and continue to get the hotel that his grandfather left him back on its feet and better than ever. She sets out on a cross country trip alone, to be with the man she loves. When she arrives things are going well between her and Grey, until a stranger threatens all of their plans. As Grey and Eden try to navigate the changes in their lives, they struggle more than ever before with how to deal with life and their relationship together. Can they get through all the obstacles that life throws their way, or will it be too much for them to handle and drive them apart?

I really liked Eden and Grey in the first book, and they were both still really great in this one as well. I felt like Grey had a lot of mood swings in this book, and that he seemed to doubt Eden at times. He wasn't the same as I remembered and wasn't sure whey he seemed to run so hot and cold with her. Eden was great in this book as well, and I love how smart and independent she is. She was determined to do what she needed to and didn't listen to what others thought that she should do. I was glad that she was able to stand on her own two feet, even while being in a committed relationship. It was great to see such a strong female character. These two still had chemistry between them, and I still could tell what a great couple they made.

My biggest issue with this book though was that it just felt like something was off between Eden and Grey. They didn't seem to have that undeniable connection that I felt in the first book, and while they were great together at times it didn't feel consistent to me. There seemed to be a disconnect between the two of them and it almost seemed like they weren't together or were on the verge of breaking up. I just wanted to shake Grey and tell him to get over himself, because it really felt like most of the blame landed on his shoulders. I wish that these two would have been more on the same page and that they would have tackled their problems together rather than doing things separately. I think that it was nice to get to see these characters again and how their future was unfolding though. It just wasn't everything that I had been hoping for with these two. I definitely recommend reading Kissing Eden before starting Loving Eden as I think you need to see how they began before where they are at the start of this book. I will look for more from T.A. Foster in the future.

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