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Monday, October 20, 2014

Review: The Game Changer by J. Sterling

The Game Changer is the second book in J. Sterling's The Perfect Game series and is the continuing story of Jack and Cassie. I would not recommend reading this book until after you have read The Perfect Game as this is not a standalone. Trust me you want to start at the beginning to see every bit of their story unfold! I have been ready for more Jack and Cassie since the moment I finished the first book, and I can honestly say that this book was everything I had been waiting for and more. I absolutely love these two, and J. Sterling continues to give the reader these flawed but beautiful characters that are so real and believable.

After everything that Jack and Cassie have been through, they have finally found their way back to one another. When Jack appeared at Cassie's door, things were just beginning for them and they have new and different struggles to deal with. While their relationship is headed in the right direction, Cassie and Jack must now deal with things that they never had to before. As Cassie adjusts to life as the girlfriend of a major league baseball player, they must also deal with how to balance their careers and personal life. While Jack and Cassie want nothing more than to be together, they soon realize that there are many others who want nothing more than to split them up.

I love Jack F'n Carter so much! He is cocky and he messes up, but yet you can't help but love him anyways. His love for Cassie is so strong and is completely one of a kind. He would do anything for her and it shows. I loved getting into his head with this one, and seeing all that we had missed out on before. It was really interesting to see what he was going through and how dedicated he was to getting his girl back. Cassie is one of those characters that you don't always understand, but that you root for anyways. I think that it is easy to judge her and say that she should do this or that, but the thing about her is that she always makes the best decision for her. While many people think that she made the wrong choice to forgive Jack and let him back in so easily, I see that she really had no other choice. She loved Jack so much, and she knew that without him her life would be broken. Jack and Cassie not only needed each other, but they were better people together. I think that they made sense together in a way that they don't on their own. These two show how real and messy relationships can get, but they also show that true love will always prevail.

Overall, I loved this book. I will never get enough of these two, and I really think that I would read anything about them that I could get my hands on. I also really love Dean and Melissa. They are such strong secondary characters, and I really feel that they are part of what makes this series so great! I love Dean and Cassie's friendship, and I am so glad that they have formed such a strong bond as well. I know that a lot of people will struggle with the events of the first book and the aftermath which is dealt with in this story. But honestly, these books are so worth the read and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a story that shows real love and how couples overcome difficult obstacles in their relationships. I think at the heart of these stories they are all about love, forgiveness, and hope for a future that most people would never truly understand unless they lived it. If you haven't read anything by J. Sterling yet, I highly recommend starting with The Perfect Game, and I think you will love Jack and Cassie just as much as I do.

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