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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Review: Reasonable Doubt Full Series by Whitney Garcia Williams

Fan-freaking-tastic! I freaking LOVED this book. Real life fell to the wayside as I could not put this book down! From the very first page I found myself immersed in the world and the characters that the author created. I have been hearing things for awhile now about Reasonable Doubt and how good that it was and how hot and oh my goodness everything I heard was all of that and so much more. This book is hot but not only that it's oh so good. I thoroughly enjoyed Andrew and his sexy cockiness.

Let me tell you that this book is HOT and some of the things that come out of Andrew's mouth had me blushing and fanning my face because oh my sexy! He's raunchy and cocky and kind of an ass but despite that I still really liked him. I knew there just had to be more to him than this nonchalant front he puts off. I found myself turning the pages to see what made him tick and to see more of him.

As for Aubrey I really liked her and I liked the fact that she stands up for herself. Yes she still seems to always give in to Andrew but she's not compliant and a pushover. She gives as good as she takes.

I really liked these two together. They are hot, sexy and the chemistry between them is explosive. I loved watching these two come together and realize their true feelings for one another.

I seriously loved this book and hope to read more from this author in the future.

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