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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Review: The Silk Tie by Lily Harlem

The Silk Tie is the first book that I have read by Lily Harlem, but it definitely won't be my last. I am a huge fan of Erotica, but lately the books I have read in the genre have lacked any real heat to me. That was absolutely not the case here, and I have to say that The Silk Tie was definitely one of the hottest books I have ever read. I loved the characters and absolutely devoured this book.

Gabe and Hayley are a happily married couple with fulfilling lives. They are both have successful careers and are open and honest with each other, often times trying new things in bed together. But Gabe finds himself drawn to his new client Brent, and starts to wonder what it would be like to be with the sexy man. Gabe struggles with his new fantasies and the guilt he feels over his feelings. But when Hayley finds out, she can't help but be excited about the thought of two men together and agrees to see her husband and Brent together. As Brent and Gabe explore the attraction between them with Hayley close by, they begin to feel more and soon the three of them start to wonder what their future looks like. Can Hayley and Gabe make it through this new side of their relationship, and will they allow Brent into their lives permanently?

I really liked these characters. They were all fantastic, and I loved how respectful and honest they were with one another. Gabe was so scared to explore things at first because of Hayley and what it would mean for him as a guy but also for his marriage. But his attraction and feelings for Brent continued to grow and it wasn't hard to see why. I was glad that he talked to Hayley and Brent about it all and that they were able to be open about everything. Hayley was so understanding and encouraging. She really embraced the change her relationship was taking and I was glad to see her right there every step of the way. Not only did she enjoy what Gabe and Brent were doing, but she genuinely didn't feel any jealousy and just wanted to be a part of it. Brent was probably my favorite though. He was so sweet and kind. He was patient and thoughtful, and I loved that he talked to Hayley about things and that he insisted on her being there for everything. It really showed that he not only respected Gabe and Hayley as individuals, but that he also respected their marriage. These three had a ton of chemistry between them as a group, but they also had it as pairs as well. They were so hot, and I loved all the sexy action in this book. It was well written and showed the growing connection between all the characters as well as just the physical side of what they were experiencing.

Overall, this was a great book and I loved the heat in this one. If you are looking for some seriously sexy times that explore many different situations, this book is definitely one you should try out. It has it all. I really loved seeing Gabe and Brent explore things between them and really develop such a strong bond, but I also really loved seeing Brent and Hayley grow in their feelings for one another as well. I thought that Lily Harlem did a great job of showing that the connection and love between Gabe and Hayley never changed or diminished. It was always present and as strong as ever. But with the addition of Brent, there was even more love there. It was just with another person added in, and it felt so real. I didn't ever question the connection between them, and I felt like Brent was a natural addition to their relationship. I saw no jealousy and didn't feel as though anyone was left out or not as wanted as anyone else. Sometimes with menage stories that can be the case, but it wasn't with The Silk Tie and it made me love this story even more. I will say that I thought that the sex between these three was the majority of the book. While it was hot and I enjoyed it, I wish that we would have seen a bit more of them out in the real world and adjusting to their new lives outside the bedroom as well. That was the only reason for the four star rating instead of a five. I will absolutely look for more from Lily Harlem though, and I can't wait to go back and read some of her previous stories as well as see what she does next.

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