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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

ARC Review: Risk It by Jennifer Chance

Kind of liked the story but it had a total WTF ending.

I know I usually start reviews with a synopsis of the book but in this case we are going to go in reverse and start at the end of this book. When the book ended I was genuinely confused. I thought I had read a serial without realizing it and that the book was going to be continued. This book is indeed part 4 in a series but it is a standalone. There is nothing you need to read before it and in totally crazy news, apparently nothing comes after it…Hence my WTF? Who out there has read any of my reviews? What are the two things I hate? One, tepid sex scenes (by the way, no problem with that here!) and two, abrupt endings. I hate a book that ends on a cliff that isn’t actually supposed to be a cliff and that is definitely the case here. Ok, let’s go back to the beginning.

Risk It is about Dani and Rand. Dani is a grifter from the wrong side of the tracks (where exactly are these tracks people are always referring to? I really want to know) and Rand is the Richie Rich guy who doesn’t form emotional attachments but is used to getting what he wants. Some people criticize this aspect of the book but I found the competition between Dani and Rand entertaining. I am a very competitive person so reading about two people who are constantly seeking to one up each other is right up my alley. Both Dani and Rand want to prove that they can walk away anytime they want. Dani wants that because deep down she doesn’t think Rand would want someone like her. Rand wants the walk away award….I’m not really sure why beyond he’s just the typical brooding billionaire playboy.

I found Rand’s pursuit of Dani interesting. I personally like the kind of Cinderella story where the heroine needs financial assistance and the male lead offers it with lots of juicy strings attached. I’m not sure I completely understood everything that was going on in Risk It. For example, there are issues with Rand’s family that are introduced but not really well fleshed out. Then there is the time Rand decides to join Dani on a “job.” First, I don’t understand why Dani was still engaged in that shenanigans when she had Rand. Second, since when do billionaires do ish like that? It just seemed so random. I thought the relationship between Dani and Rand was developing and we were going to get to see how things turned out but then the book just ends. There is no actual relationship in the book. There is this weird 30 day off and on arrangement and then the book is just over with both of them saying they want to develop an actual relationship. Sooooo…we never get to read about the actual relationship.

Despite the quirks in the book I actually liked most of it. It had some good sex scenes (4/5 stars for the sex), it was well written and the pace was good. I think if the book had a better ending, I would have given it a much higher rating. As it is, 3 stars is all I could manage.

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