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Saturday, May 30, 2015

ARC Review: What the Lightning Sees: Part 3 by Louise Bay

Part 3 of What the Lightning Sees picks up where Louise Bay left us after Part 2. Make sure that you have read the first two installments before starting this one since Haven and Jake's story continues from one part to the next. After the huge bombshell that was dropped at the end of part two, Jake is left trying to figure out what he should do. He just won Haven back and knows that this will change everything for not only his life, but the future he is building with Haven. Though he knows things are about to change, he is determined to make things work with Haven and will do whatever it takes to keep her from running. But can Jake and Haven have a future together when faced with their biggest obstacle yet? 

As with previous installments, Jake and Haven each had their moments when I loved them and when they drove me nuts. Things were so complicated in this installment, and they had so much to try and deal with. One thing that I absolutely loved though was the progress that Haven had made. When Jake let her know what was going on, I felt like she handled things so well and didn't try to run. She faced them and was the support he needed. She loved him so much and I was glad to see that she had come so far. I felt like she had gained so much strength and maturity, and even when she was hurting she was able to see what she needed to do rather than what her fear and insecurities were telling her. Jake was also struggling with everything, and I felt really badly for him as well. He had so much on his plate and it was easy to see how much it was all weighing on him. I think that he handled things poorly a few times and that there were so many things that he should have seen coming, and yet I also understand that he was just trying to be the great guy that we know he is. I think that he should have fought harder for Haven at times, and I was disappointed that he didn't after everything that had happened in part 2. These two were meant to be together and made one another their best selves, so for him to just give that up without much of a fight was very frustrating to me. 

I did like the ending though, and I was glad to see how things worked out for these two. I felt like it was inevitable that they would wind up together, because there was no other option to me. Jake and Haven's journey was far from easy, but I think that everything that they were dealt made them stronger in the long run. They grew as individuals as well as a couple, and I think that the progress they showed was interesting to see happen. Jake and Haven understood one another in a way that no one else did, and their connection just continued to get stronger. They had great chemistry and that never changed throughout the entire story. I will say that I loved the secondary characters in this serial, and I would love to get a story for Jake's sister Beth as well as a story for Haven's brother and best friend! I liked them a lot and would love to see what happens next for each of them. I think that this was a good story overall, and once you start reading these you won't want to stop. Haven and Jake are worth the read, and I look forward to more from Louise Bay in the future.

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