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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

ARC Review: Conviction by Corinne Michaels

Conviction is the second installment in the Consolation Duet by Corinne Michaels. It is part of her Salvation Series and the characters are interconnected. Though you do not have to read the rest of the Salvation Series to enjoy this book, I would recommend it. It is necessary however to have read Consolation before starting Conviction. If you haven't read Consolation yet, you definitely need to read that book before Conviction to understand everything that has happened. Plus it is a fantastic story, and is one of my all time favorites.

Conviction picks up right where we left off in Consolation, with Natalie's world being flipped upside down. Just when she had started to piece her life together and move forward, everything changes for her yet again. Though Natalie is in love with Liam, there is so much more for them to face than just his upcoming deployment. Is their love strong enough to make it through anything, or will it be over before it ever really began now that everything has changed?

I loved Natalie and Liam right from the start. Liam came to Natalie in a time that her life had fallen apart, and he was the rock that she needed. He gave her strength and encouragement, and his unconditional love. He loved her and her daughter Aara and showed over and over that he would do anything for both of them. He was great in this story as well, handling everything that they faced the best that he could. My heart hurt for him so much, and yet I thought that he was doing everything he needed to. He was the good guy that we have come to know and love, and I just adore his character. Natalie was forced to face so much more than she already had, and I think this book brought out the absolute best in her. She grew so much over these two books, and Conviction really felt like her story. It wasn't about the men in her life or who she should be with, but rather her journey. She handles everything with such strength and grace, and her character is one of the strongest heroines I have ever read. She has her moments where she breaks down just like any of us would, but it is how she recovers and moves forward that makes her so special. She was a great mom and I loved that she always had her priorities where they should be. My heart broke for both her and Liam, but I think that they each handled things the best they could and it showed why they had connected in the first place. These two truly deserved the unconditional love and happiness that they had started to find with one another, and I never gave up hope that they would end up exactly where they should.

I think that Corinne Michaels really gave the perfect ending to Liam and Natalie's story. I won't say who if anyone she ended up with, and I won't give spoilers. But I will say that I thought that Corinne wrote an ending to the story for everyone involved that felt so true to the characters. I really felt like everyone ended up exactly where they should have, and I think that all of these characters really grew and changed over the course of these two books. To me the Consolation Duet is really Natalie's story, but I also felt like the other characters each had a lot to face as well. They all made progress, and I was captivated right from the start. I loved this duet, and I know I will read it over and over again in the future. But I cannot wait to get more of some of the other characters as well, and I am absolutely dying for Mark's story! He is so interesting to me, and I really loved him in these books. I can't wait for more from Corinne Michaels, and if you haven't read these yet they are absolute must reads! Corinne Michaels writes beautiful and emotional stories that you can't help but get lost in, and I would read anything with her name on it because I know I will love it.

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  1. This sounds good! It's going on my TBR list.

    1. OMG you have to read these Lorraine! They are so good! Consolation ends with a HUGE cliffhanger though, so be prepared to read these back to back!