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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Review: Hold On by Hilary Wynne

Hold On is the second book in the Alexa Reed series by Hilary Wynne. These books are not standalone and absolutely have to be read in order. When I first started this series by Hilary Wynne I had no idea what I was in for since it was her debut, but after reading Stay I really fell in love with the characters and story. So I couldn't wait to get more of Julian and Alexa. Hold On definitely didn't disappoint, and I found myself rooting for these two more than ever. 

Alexa Reed has trust issues after going through some horrible things with her ex boyfriend. When she met Julian Bauer though, she found herself wanting to let him in. Things haven't been easy for these two, but Julian is determined to show Alexa that he wants her and will always stand by her. Though Julian does everything he can to show his commitment to her, Alexa still struggles with her insecurities and her first instinct is to run. Julian has given up his playboy lifestyle and even though Alexa questions why he chose her, she starts to finally see that he isn't going anywhere. But when a new obstacle that they never could have imagined threatens everything, will Alexa stand by Julian's side when he needs her more than ever? Can she hold on or will she continue to let her fears get in the way of forever with Julian? 

I love Julian so much. He is such a great guy. That is not to say he is perfect, because he definitely has his issues. He is protective and caring, and really loving to those he is close to. But he also overreacts at times, and sometimes I felt as though he pushed too hard with Alexa. But he was also so patient with her at times, and he was always loyal to her. He loved her so much, and he was determined to be there for her through anything. Alexa is broken, and has been struggling for so long. She has a lot of insecurities and trust issues, and yet she was always honest about them with Julian and herself. She really started to open up in this book though, and I was glad that she was finally able to be honest with her closest friends and Julian. She really started to accept her past and begin the healing process. I do think that she still reacted horribly in this book at times, and I hated that she always ran. But I also see where she was coming from and I am not sure that I would have behaved differently had I been in her shoes. This poor girl never seems to catch a break, and there were times that I just wanted to give her a hug so badly. The one thing that never changed throughout this book was the love and connection between Julian and Alexa. These two have so much between them, and they were just as hot as ever. 

Overall, this book was really great. It was emotional and I really feel as though I am personally invested in their story. I want these two to have their HEA and to finally catch a break. Every time that it appears things are good, it seems like the other shoe drops. But I really feel as though Julian and Alexa are meant to be together, and I have faith that they can make it through anything as they lean on each other. I will say that the back and forth in this book did get a bit frustrating at times, and that is why I didn't give this one a full five stars. I felt like there were a few things that could have been done differently, and that some of the characters actions were hard to get behind. I was a little bit pissed with Alexa's friends a few times in this book. While they said things that she might have needed to hear, they also didn't seem to really be that compassionate about the situation she was in. They seemed to all have strong opinions about things that they didn't really know about since they weren't in the relationship between Julian and Alexa. I wanted them to be less judgy and more supportive. That being said, I still love these characters and this series and I am really looking forward to the next book. Julian and Alexa are impossible not to fall in love with, and I think I would read just about anything about these two. I recommend reading these books if you are a contemporary romance fan and are looking for a good and emotional story.

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