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Saturday, August 29, 2015

ARC Review: Evening Storm by Anne Calhoun

Yes to this author but possibly no to this particular story.

I feel like I’m on a bad trip because this the second book in a row that I’ve read where the main characters spend as much time apart as they spend together. If you are like me, when you pick up one of these books you are looking for the romance….ok, well a little freaky deaky too but at least some romance. It is really hard to find either the “freaky deaky” or the romance in a book where the couple is not a couple, and not working towards becoming a couple (in any obvious way) for most of the book.

In Evening Storm, Simone is the owner of an upscale lingerie boutique who meets Ryan when he brings one of his many women to the store to buy her lingerie. Ok, you can probably already see that we have a problem. In general, I do not enjoy reading about the leading couple with other people. In this book, Ryan wasn’t just with other women, he was with them, like in the biblical sense, and that’s not all. As a part of building his….friendship (????)with Simone, he describes his sexual encounter with another woman and of course, like a good (read: irritating) heroine, she enjoys the experience and is titillated by it. I have on my “dude whatever” face right now. You can’t see it, that’s why I’m telling you. In reality, I still don’t know if Ryan was telling Simone stories because he thought she would like it or because the ish really happened or because he thought she would get off on her. Either way, me no likey.

I think it’s worth mentioning that throughout the book Ryan is embroiled in some corporate scandal at which he is the center. And I have to tell you, I didn’t really care for that storyline either. Ryan’s conduct wasn’t entirely consistent with his character representation. I just had a hard time understanding why he made the decisions he made. The author tells us, from Ryan’s POV that he has some sort of moral compass that just didn’t really sync with my feelings about his depiction.

The sex scenes when we finally get to them are decent they were just decent. The writing of this book though is what saves it for me. I could give it 3 “good” stars all day long just for the writing. I can’t really recommend this book but I can say that I plan to look at other books by this author because her writing is exceptional. I peaked at a few other reviews which confirmed my thinking that this isn’t the best example of this author’s writing so I remain hopeful.

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