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Saturday, July 23, 2016

ARC Review: Anything But Love by Daisy Prescott

Anything But Love is the third standalone story in the Wingmen series by Daisy Prescott. You do not need to read these in order to understand them, but they are interconnected. I have read and enjoyed Daisy's books in the past, so I was really excited for Anything But Love. While there were things I liked here, overall this one was just okay for me. 

Erik Kelso has worked hard to start his coffee company in Whidbey, so he heads to Cabo with his brother Carter for a weekend filled with sun and girls. But when he meets Caribou Caldwell, things get off on the wrong foot and Erik finds himself torn between thinking she is his worst nightmare but also his fantasy come to life. When Erik finds himself suddenly the center of attention, things change once again between him and Cari. Is there more to their connection, and what happens when Erik is no longer just a small town guy but the man that everyone wants? 

I liked Erik and Cari, but my biggest issue was that I just couldn't relate to them. I found myself struggling to care about them, and I just wasn't really feeling anything between them. Don't get me wrong there was attraction and I could tell that they liked one another when they weren't bickering, but I just didn't ever really feel their connection. They had some sexy moments and I did enjoy their banter, but it wasn't enough for me to ever be completely sold that these two were falling in love with one another. 

I also have to say that for the first third to half of the book I had a tough time even getting into the story. It was slow and there was a ton of set-up with not a lot happening. Things were very dry, and it was all I did this and I did that and then I did this. It just wasn't what I was used to from Daisy's books and it didn't have that same light, humorous yet sexy feel her stories typically do. There was nothing to hold my attention or captivate me as there usually is with her stories. So while I did things about this book, this wasn't my favorite of hers. While it wasn't a bad book, it did feel forced at times coming off as disjointed and without the effortless flow I am used to with her books. I know I will read more from Daisy in the future, but for me Erik and Cari's story was just okay.

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