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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

ARC Review: Sinner's Revenge by Kim Jones

Sinner's Revenge is the second book in the Sinner's Creed series by Kim Jones. While this book could technically be read as a standalone story, I would really recommend reading Sinner's Creed first. This book picks up right after where the first one left off, and there is no way to talk about this story without spoiling any of that book. So if you haven't already read Sinner's Creed and plan to, you might want to stop here. 

After losing the man that was both his brother and best friend, Shady is out for revenge. He has a plan and with club permission he sets out to take down every member of the MC that targeted Dirk. But what Shady can't afford are distractions, and when he meets Diem everything changes. While Shady knows that the only room for love he has is for Sinner's Creed, Diem gets under his skin and he can't stay away. 

I really liked these two. I was excited to get to know Shady better here, but I was also a bit worried after how the last book ended. While I really enjoyed Sinner's Creed, It left me raw and emotional and I knew that would greatly affect Shady. He was determined here to avenge Dirk and to put his club first but he was so much more. He was intense and I thought that he and Diem were really perfect for one another. They were so similar in a lot of ways, and I just couldn't get enough of them together. These two had so much chemistry right from the start, but I really loved that their connection was one we got to see build and grow over the course of this book.

Overall, I don't want to go into too many details but this book was such a great story and I really love this world that Kim Jones has built. This story was so different in a lot of ways to Sinner's Creed, but yet that dark and gritty feel of the MC was just as present here if not more so. For those that didn't like the fact that there was not a traditional HEA present in Sinner's Creed, rest assured that there is one in Sinner's Revenge. To me though, both of these books are worth the read and I really think that they are most appreciated when read together. I think that if you go into Sinner's Creed knowing to expect more fiction than romance and can just read it for the wonderful story that it is, that you will enjoy Sinner's Revenge that much more. Shady and Diem's story is one I would highly recommend, and I honestly can't wait for more from Kim Jones. I really hope we get more in this series, because I am nowhere near ready to leave this world behind.

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