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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

ARC Review: Hands On by Cathryn Fox

I like the premise of this book, it's a super fast read and it had some hot parts. I just didn't leave the book feeling like it had a logical conclusion. I know it's the first part in a series but I hate a "part 1" that is really just a few chapters from a book.

In "Hands On," the "hands on" refers to Danielle's need for a sex tutor. Danielle gets a job as a sex therapy teacher. Small problem, she hasn't actually had any sex and has no experience to draw from. She gets in her head to ask the former high school jock and current NFL player for hands on lessons. Jack, of course agrees to be her teacher...sort of. Jack agrees to bang her brains out but he doesn't know why or that she's member of the v club.

The way Jack finds out about Danielle's virginity is that Danielle acts super awkward during foreplay. I get that she was a virgin but she was also a grown woman. As widely available as porn hub and it's freaky cousins are, I see NO reason for an adult woman to be acting as weird and silly about sex as Danielle did. Not only that, the woman has taken a job teaching sex How? How are you acting this freaked out ma'am?

I actually liked Jack's initial reaction. He wasn't an idiot or like always high so he figures out that Danielle was not the sex kitten she was trying to portray. Once Danielle confesses her ridiculous plan, Jack is on board for the sex but he sets out to make her first time special. I liked Jack for his efforts to give Danielle a more complete sex experience. What I found frustrating is that there is no actual sex in this installment. Well, there is some well described "self love" but no mutual satisfaction while the couple was in the same room. Unfortunately reading their phone sex was kind of silly.

All in all, this a pretty decent installment in the series but I think I would be feeling more excited if this were a longer book that got to more of the coupledom.

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