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Thursday, July 21, 2016

ARC Review: Full Heat by Carla Swaford

I am a total MC romance addict. It honestly does not take much to get me hooked on a MC book and leave me with a smile on my face. So when I tell you this was not good, take me seriously. I’m not being fickle or overly picky, this really was not good.

I do not like writing long reviews that list all the reasons a book was NOT good, because life is just too short but let me give you the highlights:

The book was a complete failure in logical consistency. No two events made sense when viewed together. For example, the book opens on kind of an intriguing note but even there, inconsistencies were present. MJ is way too comfortable around an MC while at the same time being the blushing innocent heroine. As the book goes on, MJ as the heroine makes even less sense because she gets more aggressive going as far as getting into it with another club chick who had a thing with Storm. I was reading it like WHAT? Where is all this coming from. I was so lost.

And then there is Storm….a total clustfu-k here. Storm goes from being a club prospect to the president after he gets out of jail. If you have ever read one of these books or know anything about MC’s, you would know that this is an outrageous journey into fantasy. It just doesn’t work this way. Also, Storm has to be one of the most disrespected club presidents ever. One of the things I love about MC romance is the alpha male hierarchy. Every member of the MC has his own bossy universe and the president rules them all but not in this book. In this book the club members violate Storm’s orders, mock him and even walk out on him. I was in a state of perpetual shock. In fact, I think the only reason I kept reading this book is because I couldn’t believe how it really didn’t make sense.

Ok, time to jump off this sinking ship. This book took me to the bad place. Storm is a mess, MJ is unbelievable and there is even some rape and abuse thrown in to really make things interesting (read: worse). Read at your own risk.

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