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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Guest Post with Author Stephanie Haefner and Giveaway

Stephanie Haefner is a wife, mother of two, and contemporary romance novelist from Buffalo, NY. A member of Romance Writers of America and the Western New York Romance Writers subchapter, she loves creating sassy heroines and tossing them into sexy circumstances. When not writing, she celebrates her sassiness with dance and zumba classes, and her nerdiness with boybands and Disney World.

5 Awesome Things I am Currently Head-Over-Heels About

I openly admit it…I very easily become obsessed with things. But I call them healthy obsessions, though my pocket book might not always agree. But when you love something, why hide it or hold yourself back? Life is too damn short!

So here are five things I am totally obsessed with right now, in no particular order.

Obsession #1: LuLaRoe Leggings. Oh my. They don’t call them butter-soft for nothing. When I first heard about them, I was like, “Eh…what could be so special about leggings?” And then I heard the price. Not crazy expensive ($25) but I have tons of leggings from places like Old Navy that cost me less than $10 and they do the job. Well, I found out why LuLa leggings are so amazing after having them on my body for only five seconds. They are so damn soft and so damn comfortable. They just are. Worth every penny. And there are so many fun patterns! I don’t have any other LuLaRoe clothing, though I know many people who adore it. I’ll stick with the leggings for now.

Obsession #2: Jane the Virgin. I’d kinda heard about this show but didn’t really know what it was about. I already had a TON of shows I watched. I didn’t need another. Boy was I wrong! When I started seeing a new doctor—a man—I told him I was a romance author. He asked me if I watched Jane the Virgin because she was a romance writer and it was a really great show. I said no, but immediately looked into it. After one episode I was hooked. I’ve always been a soap opera fan (All My Children!!) so I love the fast-paced style and outrageous storylines. And this one has so much awesomeness going for it- comedy, drama, sexiness. I love everything about it. I binge-watched all of season 1 on Netflix and since season two was already mid-way through, I started DVRing it. But I had no way to see the first half of season 2! I ended up paying for each episode on Amazon until I caught up to the ones available On Demand through my cable company. Now I’m eagerly awaiting September for season 3!

Obsession #3: Dance class! I took dance classes when I was a kid, but eventually stopped. Somehow when I was 22 I got the idea to start up again in an adult class. I found a studio near my home that offered a class that even performed in the recital. I loved it right from the start! I added a second class the next year, and more the year after that. I even got into a competition class and competed!! And most of my classes were with girls 5-10 years younger than I was. It was so fun! I have since had to pull back with kids and all, but I still take my adult jazz class and love every second. I hope to add a lyrical class this fall. I dance with an amazing group of women who have become some of my closet friends.

Obsession #4: Perfectly Posh! If you’ve never heard of them, look it up. I’ll wait… Like many women, I’m obsessed with beauty products. And yeah, with all the headlines we see, you start to wonder about the stuff you’re putting on your body. Posh is an all-natural company and they aim to keep all their products in an affordable price range. My favs so far: Olive My Love facewash, BFF exfoliatant, Cackle Spackle face mask, and Easy Peasy body bar. The names are so fun!!

Obsession #5: Boybands! I cannot do a post about obsessions without mentioning my biggest! Call me a nerd, call me immature, call me whatever you want because I don’t care! I adored New Kids on the Block when I was kid and Hanging Tough was released, and I still love them just as much now. Only now, they are men…and they are hotter ;) I truly just love the music. I love all the others, too: Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, LFO, Big Time Rush, One Direction…but NKOTB will always be #1! They still tour and I usually see a couple shows every time they do.

Bonus Obsession-Disney World! My first trip to the world was in 2000. One of the things on our list to do before we had kids. I had never been and I wanted to go. So we did. It was low budget trip but we had fun and I had a great time. It wasn’t until our trip in 2005 that I caught “The Bug”. The Disney Bug ;) And it’s such a good thing to catch! We stayed at a Disney resort for the first time and purchased the Disney Dining Plan. Oh my! I was hooked. All of it. The magic, the atmosphere, the total escape. And the food…yum! I started to learn about the parks and why Walt Disney did what he did. I came to admire him and the dreams he had and what he achieved. My all-time favorite quote that I live my life by: “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” I love Disney so much I became a travel agent specializing in Disney so I could help others have magical vacations =)

In this saucy, sexy romp—third in the Classy 'n' Sassy series—a lingerie shop marketing director is ready to get back in the dating game after divorcing her cheating ex-husband. Will she finally find her one and only this time around?

Penny used to love working at Classy 'n' Sassy Lingerie shop as the marketing director for her best friends Bryn and Mia, but lately, hearing stories of love and passion from customers is grating on her nerves since she’s been unlucky in the love department and is still recovering from her messy divorce. Determined to get back out there and have a little fun, Penny wants to start looking for the man who will truly be the love of her life, but the hunky bouncer at her favorite bar keeps catching her eye...

As a football coach and bouncer at the local watering hole, Thor’s always had pretty good luck with women. But he’s tired of that life, and wants to find that “something” that's been missing in all of his past relationships. And there’s no way a bar is the place to meet that special someone, right? Although lately, when Bryn and Mia and their newly-single, hot-as-sin, classy, and sassy friend Penny stop by for drinks, he’s been thinking maybe the bar is exactly the right place to be…

Written with Stephanie Haefner’s signature sexy wit, One Size Fits All is a perfect laugh-out-loud love story.

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  1. I'd love to win because I love sassy stories :)

    1. This series definitely has some sass ;)

  2. Mostly because I'm obsessed with books and this one seems it would be a perfect addition to my always-growing collection. Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. This looks like it will have some great humor with it. It sounds fun!

    We went to Disney just before starting a family too back in 1992! Took the kids back in 2001...3 little girls...we did the Princess breakfast....$80 for breakfast but it was sooooo worth it. Their little faces lit up seeing all those princesses together where they could talk to them and get their pictures taken with them. Then all of my kids were in their high school marching band and they are got to march down Main Street so we went again in 2010, 2012 and 2014! Just love Disney!

    1. OMG so fun!!!! I love character meals!! I'm super excited because my daughter's dance team gets to perform at Disney in November!!

    2. Enjoy your time in November. It really is neat seeing your kid perform at Disney!

  4. this looks and sounds fabulous! thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks!! I had so much fun writing this series. Sad to see it end!!

  5. Thank you for the chance to win! I'd like to win because I really enjoy sassy women combined with funny romantic comedies. I love to be entertained, not cry throughout a book. Love the cover!