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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

ARC Review: Completely Yours by Erin Nicholas

I rounded up with this rating, I think honestly I would give it a 3.5. I alternated between liking this and not liking it. The hero really is a hero he is an EMT who puts everyone else’s needs above his own and always pushes his loved ones to do the right thing make the right choice which puts an enormous amount of pressure on his family. They recently lost their oldest daughter to a car accident and it start wearing on the family. Zach, our hero EMT, feels that it’s his responsibility to fix the family. Kiera, our geeky cosplay gamer, was happy in her safe little bubble keeping everyone on the outside even her best friends she kept at arms distance. That is until a basketball playing EMT plays the knight in shining armor and shows her she can be happy outside her bubble. It was a nice and easy read I read it in no time it was funny it had some great humor, and Zach could be sweet. I loved the buildup of sexual tension between them and when it finally happened it was pretty hot. 

My issues with the book are one Zach was a little closeminded and highhanded but by the end he totally makes up for it; and two Kiera is a video gamer who only plays one game and it’s one she helped create but my main issue, and my problem really has nothing to do with the plot or the characters, it’s just that I’m tired of video gamers in books always playing MMOs (as a gamer I hate MMOs). I’m tired of all gamers playing one type of game and geeks watching all the stereotypical shows and fandoms; and I liked Keira a lot less when she scoffed at Star Trek. One thing confused me her MMORPG is an online video game much like WOW (World of Warcraft), but at one part she called a Live-Action Role Play game???? LARP is something completely different. The romance felt wrong at first, for the longest time it felt like Zach was only attracted to Kiera because she was beautiful and vice versa. The dynamic did change and a deeper connection did become apparent the more time they spent together.

Disaster struck the roof of the convention center collapsed during the annual comic con. Zach being an EMT is running around helping where he can. Kiera is in full costume of her Leokin character her best friends are being rushed to the hospital and she’s stuck at the convention center with no ride. Zach being insanely attracted to Kiera and completely clueless asks her to follow him around and interpret geek. Going above and beyond all because his attraction he brings her home with him so he can keep an eye on her to make sure there are no complications due to her concussion. Zach’s little sister is staying with him and, he thinks it to help her, she is deep into the Leokin world and since Kiera is into it also they bond. Zach hates Leokin he thinks it has ruined his sister, Zach asks Kiera to fake a relationship with him because he believes that Kiera can bring her out of her shell and back into the “real world”.  It was supposed to be a no strings attached fling with an expiration date. But soon they realize that they are what they need for each other. I liked the pancake metaphor.

Overall, it was a fun read mainly fluff with some angst. I wholeheartedly agree with Kiera I prefer my bubble. I did like the book but I have read better geek girl/opposites attract books.  

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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