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Friday, December 23, 2016

ARC Review: Hit Man by Michele Mannon

This book is the third installment in the Deadliest Lies series.  I haven't read any of the other books but each book is a standalone so you can start reading this series wherever you want. I read one other book in this series and I had some of the same issues with that book that I had with this one.  In general I feel like these books have a lot of potential that they don't completely live up to.  If you read the blurbs you get the impression that you're in for a real thrill ride but then there are pieces that don't fit and some of the characters could definitely be stronger.

In this installment Diego is attempting to locate someone on behalf of the mysterious organization featured in this series, TORC. Diego sort of loses sight of the mission when he meets Aubrey.  Aubrey is "pleasantly" naive and manages to somehow stumble into the very answers that Diego is looking for.  Aubrey is in Mexico City pursuing an opportunity that actually fell through but that she is trying to salvage for the sake of her career in architecture.  As a part of her effort to salvage her Mexico City excursion Aubrey becomes the teacher to some super bratty horrible child who almost gets bombed to pieces and then almost gets Aubrey hit by a car. Somehow, because the crazy bratty kid swipes her passport after almost get her killed, Aubrey winds up hooking up with some rich guy who might be able to help her and meets Diego.

Diego, despite being instantly smitten by Aubrey still has enough sense to realize that it isn't a coincidence that Aubrey appears to be connected to the mystery he is trying to solve even though she is blissfully unaware. Diego can't resist Aubrey. Not sure why that is.  Aubrey is a disaster who turns every part of Diego's mission into a cluster fu-k the minute she gets involved.  Beyond physical attraction, it made no sense to me that Diego wanted Audrey. I honestly lost count of how many times she almost got both of them killed. I think Aubrey is supposed to be quirky and cute but you know what? It's come across as really annoying and totally idiotic.  I wasn't entertained by Aubrey, I wanted to punch her.  And Diego, I mean he was ok but in a very cliche hero sort of way.  Plus, if you get a really unlikable heroine and the hero loves her, it makes the hero seem less loveable.  Like, what is he thinking?

I didn't love this one but I still feel like this series has potential and some people might be ok with Aubrey's quirks.

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