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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

ARC Review: Dark Surrender by Rachel Van Dyken

Dark surrender is the third book in The Dark Ones Saga by Rachel Van Dyken. Even though each book features a different couple, I wouldn't recommend reading these as standalones. This world is complex and the overall story builds with each new book, making it hard to follow some things if you haven't read the previous books. That being said, I really love this world that Rachel Van Dyken has created and I think each of these books is definitely worth the read. 

Alex is a male siren and although he is irresistible, he has never been loved. In order to save his friend from a forced mate, Alex instead takes his place. He doesn't like the idea of his chosen mate being a weak human though, that is until he meets his intended Hope. He soon finds that she tests him at every turn, and she just might be what he has been waiting for all along. 

I have to admit that while I liked Alex in previous books, I struggled a bit with him here. There were times that I did not like him or the things that he said or did and that was hard for me to reconcile with the character we had previously seen. I did like Hope though, and she sort of stole the show here. These two had a ton of chemistry and were hot, but if I am honest I missed a bit of their connection. Things felt surface deep and I wanted more. 

I think part of the reason that I felt like the connection wasn't fully there between these two was because this story felt extremely rushed and as though things were missing at times. There was a ton going on, so I felt like the relationship between Alex and Hope got a little lost in everything else. Though we saw their chemistry, things seemed to change from them not wanting each other to wanting each other with the flip of a switch. I wanted to see more of them and their progress and it was a bit more tell than show. We were told about their feelings, but we didn't really see them develop how I would have liked and were told that it was happening. I still really love this world and the characters despite the criticisms I had with this book, but I just felt like this one didn't quite get there for me. The pacing was off and it was a bit all over the place. Even though Dark Surrender wasn't my favorite of the series, I still recommend checking this series out, especially if you like paranormal romance or are a fan of Rachel's Eagle Elite series since this series has a very similar feel to it.

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