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Friday, February 10, 2017

ARC Review: Holding on Tighter by Shayla Black

I'm actually surprised that I did not love this book more. I've read other books in this series and other books by Shayla Black and I usually love her stuff. I thought this one was ok but it definitely was not on my love list.

Heath is kind of the typical Shayla Black type Hero that you may have already come to know and love. He's a complete alpha, hot as all hell, bossy and he knows how to use a gun. Heath first comes into contact with Jolie when he is hired as security for her fashion company. Let's discuss Jolie shall we. Jolie and her sister who is also a part of the story have a lot of TSTL moments. From the sister, it's sort of understandable. She was depicted as a head in the clouds ditz who was prone to...well ditzyness.  Jolie, however, is a business executive and the head of a team of employees. I sort of expected more from her but I certainly didn't get more. 

As the story goes on, and really right from the beginning, Jolie is facing some unknown threat to her safety and her business. But here's an example of where Jolie just wore out my patience. Heath is in the process of trying to catch an intruder and instead of just waiting (since Heath is security) Jolie insist on rushing into the situation which ends up almost getting everyone killed. One thing that I absolutely hate is a brave but stupid heroine. I'm all for bravery but at least pretend that you value your life. It helps us all to deal with you.

I liked Heath much better than Jolie but Shayla Black did something with him that I just don't like. At the beginning of the book he goes off and bangs another woman. It's not cheating because he and Jolie are not together at all when it happens. I guess what I didn't like is that right after he does that, he's getting all hot with Jolie. Like, dude, wash your hands first or something. That just grosses me out. The other thing I didn't love about Heath is that he is literally every other character we have ever read. He's a man whore and a commitment phobe, yeah yeah yeah, what else is new?

The mystery in the book is actually pretty good. It adds a lot of spice and a couple unexpected twist to the story line. I owe the fact that I kind of like this book to the good writing and the entertaining plot line. All in all, I think this book is great for Shayla Black fans. If you're not already fan, I wouldn't necessarily recommend you start with this book. Some of her other ones are better.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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