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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Audiobook Review: Overruled by Emma Chase, Narrated by Jason Carpenter and Charlotte Penfield

I usually start with the review of the book/story first but Jason Carpenter and Charlotte Penfield were so fantastic that their narrations were really fun and made the story that much more enjoyable. 

Carpenter really understood Stanton Shaw’s character. From the beginning of the story where he is finding himself as a new father/law-school student/ boyfriend away from the mother of his baby. Carpenter’s southern drawl was perfect and his quips added to the funny dialogue. 

Charlotte also really understood Sofia Santos. Penfield brought out Sofia’s funny, smart and sexy side. 

Usually a story like this would get on my nerves because Stanton really takes a very long time to figure out that although he always assumed Jenny the mother of his daughter-Presley would be his end game. When she received an invitation for her wedding his world starts to spin. Desperate to convince Jenny that they belong together, he asks his friend with benefits/ co-worker, Sofia for help. 

Sofia is very like Stanton. They are both tough and talented attorneys. They are completely compatible. They have a very mutual understanding. They enjoy their physical relationship and both are content with it. Sofia has found that her feelings for Stanton have changed but she remains committed to showing Stanton the she is his friend, even if it means helping Stanton win back Jenny. Stanton’s obsession with winning back Jenny got very old but the other aspects of the story helped keep me engaged in the story. 

My complaints: Stanton and Sofia, to me, seemed to lack chemistry even though they are very intimate all the time. I wanted Sofia to ruffle more feathers. The great benefits of this story: The secondary characters were fantastic. They really enriched the story and added to the development of the main characters. The southernisms were endearing and sweet. Another aspect of this story that I really enjoyed is that Chase didn’t include any unnecessary drama with Jenny and her fiancĂ©e nor Sofia and Jenny. They were very mature and authentic characters. This was such an enjoyable listen and the narrators were fantastic!

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