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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Sealed With a Kiss Event with Cheryl Holt

CHERYL HOLT is a New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon “Top 100” bestselling author who has published forty-five novels.

She’s also a lawyer and mom, and at age forty, with two babies at home, she started a new career as a commercial fiction writer.  She’d hoped to be a suspense novelist, but couldn’t sell any of her manuscripts, so she ended up taking a detour into romance where she was stunned to discover that she has a knack for writing some of the world’s greatest love stories.  

Her books have been released to wide acclaim, and she has won or been nominated for many national awards.  She is considered to be one of the masters of the romance genre.  For many years, she was hailed as “The Queen of Erotic Romance”, and she’s also revered as “The International Queen of Villains.”  She is particularly proud to have been named “Best Storyteller of the Year” by the trade magazine Romantic Times BOOK Reviews.

She lives and writes in Hollywood, California, and she loves to hear from fans. 

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Hi from Cheryl Holt!  In my historical novel, ONLY YOU, readers can enjoy a slow, lazy trip down the Nile with hero and heroine, Soloman Grey and Lady Theodosia Postlewaite.  If you’ve read my books before, then you know the path I take to true love never travels in a straight line.  There are always many plot twists and turns on the way to a happy ending.

The letters I penned today are from Soloman and Theo who met in Egypt after both of them had to flee London because of rumor and scandal.  They fell madly in love and seemed destined to be together, but in my books it’s never that easy.  They have been ripped apart by despicable, interfering relatives, and they send words of love across the sea, hoping to be forgiven, hoping to be loved forever…

Check out Solomon and Theodosia's love story in Only You.

CHERYL HOLT does it again with another fast-paced, dramatic tale of seduction, passion, and romance. This time, love blooms on a lazy, decadent trip down the Nile!

Lady Theodosia Postlewaite, known as Theo to her family and friends, has always had the worst luck. On the night her betrothal was to be announced, she was unwittingly caught in a compromising situation. With her engagement ended and her reputation in tatters, her incensed father demands she flee the gossip by accompanying her dour, grumpy aunt on a sightseeing trip to Egypt. Theo reluctantly agrees, and she's determined to spend the months abroad proving she possesses the highest moral character. Most especially, she vows to never so much as speak to a handsome man ever again.

Soloman Grey has lived in Egypt for the past decade. His own scandal chased him out of London, and he's built a new life for himself as an adventurer and explorer. Because of the gossip that ruined him, he doesn't trust anyone, and he constantly vows that heĆ¢€™ll never so much as glance at a pretty woman ever again.

But when Soloman meets Theo, he's dragged into her world in a dozen ways he never intended. She's beautiful, funny, and lonely, and he can't resist. Yet, he's the bastard son of an earl, so he could never be worthy of her. When her relatives would do anything to keep them apart, dare he risk all to have her for his very own?

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  1. Love letters and blurb sound yummy good.

  2. ::waving like crazy:: Hi Cheryl! Happy Valentine's Day. You know I'd love to read ONLY YOU. If I don't win it's a crime! :-) HUGS!!

  3. Hi Cheryl, Happy Valentine's Day. I love the letters and look forward to reading Only You. Sounds like another awesome read from you.
    Carol L
    Lucky4850 (at) aol (dot) com

  4. Romance stories sometimes get such a bad rap, but you can't beat a good love stories. Or some good love letters!

  5. Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. Hi everyone! First off, thank you to Danielle for hosting this fun event. You always come up with the greatest ideas, and I'm always so grateful when you include me. The premise for the novel, ONLY YOU, actually started as a Christmas short story I wrote for Danielle last year. My topic was "Caught in a Compromising Situation on Christmas Eve." I told the story of Lady Theodosia who was ruined on Xmas Eve just as her engagement was to be announced. I loved the story and Lady Theo so much that I decided she deserved to find love-ever-after in an entire novel. So the prologue of the novel is actually the short story I wrote for Danielle. The prologue also includes a cameo appearance by one of m most notorious characters, Charles Sinclair, Lord Trent, from my Lord Trent novels, so it's fun to see him at his dastardly worst. Hope all of you love it! Thank you for your kind words. I'm always grateful for your kind attention.

  7. Solomon and Theodosia's love letters are Achingly beautiful. Thank you

  8. Does the story have something to do with Egypt?

  9. Hi Cecilia. The first 2/3rds of the story takes place in Egypt around the year 1814. (In the last third the characters return to London.) The hero, Soloman, is a river guide and adventurer who escorts tourists down the Nile. Lady Theo is on holiday with her family and sailing down the Nile to visit a famous archeological dig. Soloman is their guide. Love blossoms during all those hot, sultry desert nights!

  10. love that it is set in Egypt and London. will be interesting to see what happens after their love blossoms.

  11. Such longing they both have. Hopefully their happy ending isn't too painful to get to!

  12. Thank you so much to everyone who posted comments today. It's so fun for me to read what everyone is saying. I hope all of you will have a chance to read ONLY YOU. It's actually part of a two-book "duet" with the sequel titled ONLY MINE. I've called it my "Baby Caleb" books. The two novels are both available so you can read them back to back without having to wait to get to the conclusion in the second book. The stories are linked together with characters, plot, and a great mystery that is presented in the first book and concluded in the second. Thanks again for posting today. I'm always grateful!

  13. I love romantic letters when the writer is being open & honest.

  14. These are heartbreaking letters. I hope they both find love and happiness and that it's with each other.

  15. I love that it moves from England to Egypt. How exciting. Adding this to my TBR.

  16. Thanks for the great letters, Cheryl!

  17. Oh I love the letters!!! Wow...45 books! So amazing! I was wondering if you have a favorite one that you wrote?

  18. Loved the letters! Can't wait to read.