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Sunday, February 5, 2017

ARC Review: Hooked by Christina Phillips

This is the first book in the Viking Bastards MC series. I am an MC romance fan (motorcycle club romance for all you newbies). It doesn't take much to get me "hooked" on a book with a dirty biker and his future 'ol lady.' For all you MC romance readers, I would warn you that this book is very light on the stuff you typically see in MC books. Besides referring to the fact that Zach is in a MC and is gruff and bossy, there isn't really information about the MC or MC life in the book. In fact, Grace never even goes to Zach's clubhouse in the book.  Because an MC is usually so important to the members in these books, a lot of the romance between Zach and Grace seemed completely unrealistic. There is just no way in 98% of MC books a club member will consider a relationship with a woman before making sure she fits with his club.

Grace is super rich an happens to meet Zach in a dive MC bar when her car breaks down. Zach offers to fix it but he winds up fixing Grace. Within minutes of meeting her, Grace is spread out on a pool table living her wildest fantasies. Turns out Zach didn't even really think her car had broken down. He thought she was some rich chick just looking for a good time. After the pool table shenanigans Zach winds up deciding he is not quite ready to give Grace up. He brings her home where even his wild sister notices that Zach is different with Grace.  After that, things keep escalating between the couple. Eventually Zach has to deal with his demons and Grace has to decide that she is going to break free of her family expectations.  There is a brief conflict and then a HEA.

So here's the thing- I have no problem with unlikely couples hooking up.  But there comes a point when things just stop making sense and I think we reached it in this book. First there is a vast socio-economic difference between Zach and Grace. Grace is from old and very big money. Zach and his sister were basically orphans. Because Zach is into Grace he accompanies her into her world and everyone magically loves him. This includes Grace's wealthy Mother who before meeting Zach wanted Grace to get back with her rich ex. None of this made any sense to me. These people would not have loved someone like Zach and Zach would not have loved them. This book could have only made sense if Grace had made the decision to separate herself from her old life and start over.  That was not the case. Instead, we get a book of two people who have absolutely nothing in common on the outside or inside falling madly in love. I know it happens all the time in these books and we go along with it.  In this book, however, I needed something more to connect these two characters.

Despite the lack of credibility, I read this book pretty fast and can say that I honestly enjoyed it. I like Phillips' writing style and I look forward to reading books by her in the future.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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