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Sunday, April 9, 2017

ARC Review: The Perfect 1 by Cory Cyr

Jensyn Parrish had it all: a modeling career of epic proportions, looks those who envied her would kill for, and a net worth that would give her the freedom to do anything. That is, until a horrific accident disfigures her at the age of 25. With tragedy comes change and a life she never expected; a life filled with anger, shame, and loneliness. She has hidden herself away from the rest of humankind on an island in Hawaii where no one knows her, or her story. The last she expected was for love to find her or to find it in return when she has remained in seclusion for many years since the accident.

Lincoln Bass is a famed author as well as a hardcore adventurer until an unusual incident leaves him wading through darkness. Unsure of whether or not he will ever see again, he leans on Jensyn in an unexpected twist of fate to help him with his writing career through his potential recovery. While hiding out and attempting to gain some semblance of normality along the way to finish his next novel, he finds solace in Jensyn as a companion. Moreover, he finds himself falling in love with her despite the barriers between them.

Can these two find a way to overcome their fears and triumph over the obstacles that lay ahead? You’ll have to read to find out and let me tell you, it is worth every moment spent doing so! Lincoln is utter perfection in every way. He is a faithful, considerate, and accepting heart full of sugary sweetness with the ego and sexual prowess of an alpha male. I couldn’t get enough of him! Every moment between him and Jensyn had me smiling, laughing, or biting my lip out of sheer enjoyment and desire of my own for the man on the pages. Reading his story and seeing him fall in love was such a treat, and I beamed with happiness as Jensyn gave him hope and love regardless of his disability. She thought her own weaknesses would tear them apart, but instead those issues only gave them a bond of beauty.

For me, being a part of Jensyn’s journey was so wonderful. Being a victim of circumstance and unfortunate experiences thereafter involving spitefulness and hatefulness from outside forces would understandably cause one to become fearful of the future and yet, she rises above it all in the end. Her character is one of courage, of strength; watching her grow and take risks was absolutely breathtaking. Even better, she found the perfect match for her during her journey toward fulfillment and selflessness simultaneously. I can’t even describe the satisfaction I felt when she finally gained self-acceptance and confidence. She is exactly the type of woman that the younger generation should strive to be.

Therefore, this book is everything to me. I love reading a story when it provides a mixture of every emotion to me as the reader. A love story full of heartache, tragedy, acceptance, and love that I couldn’t put down, that I could read more than once. Jensyn and Lincoln will make your heart ache, weep, shudder, and squeeze with each turn of the page. Not only will you fall for the couple, but you’ll love every surprise and every moment they share. Thanks Cory for another fantastic read! Xoxo

**ARC provided by Author**

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