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Sunday, June 11, 2017

ARC Review: His Rules by Dani Wyatt

His Rules is....interesting. It's my first book by this author and it is what it say it is so I can't say that I was surprised. Here's the thing, I love my alpha males so when I saw this was part of a series about the very men that I love, I thought I would give it a chance. The issue for e is that the whole Daddy thing just gives me the heebeegeebeez.

Ok so the setup of this book was super awkward for me. Rueger meets Lexi because he sponsors a program for troubled youth. Lexi was a wild child who was also the worst thief. Lexi got into some legal trouble and somehow became associated with Rueger's public service program. Lexi has grown up (I think she's 23) and Rueger has become a part of her a mentor, sort of. What Lexi does not realize is that what Rueger really wants is her Daddy. Rueger wants to impose structure in Lexi's life and he wants her devotion and submission in exchange.

This is a really short book but it still managed too be long enough to be way over the top. I don't mind a little "Daddy" action but man, if a little Daddy action is a river, the amount in this book was the friggin Atlantic Ocean. It wasn't just that Rueger wanted to be Lexi's "Daddy." Rueger was over the top intense. He obsessed about Lexi constantly and not in an entirely romantic way. Rueger didn't just fantasize about being in a relationship with Lexi and getting her into his bed, he obsessed about all of the ways he wanted to tell her what to do and secure her obedience. Lexi was sweet but came across as naive and inexperienced. Because of that it didn't really seem like Lexi was making a choice about Rueger. It seemed more like Rueger was this guy who did everything for Lexi and she didn't really have many more options or life experience.

I don't know, the book is kind of hot but I just had a hard time with all the 'let Daddy take care of you' stuff. It kind of skeeved me out. If the 'Daddy's little girl' genre is your thing, this will certainly ring your bell. If you're new to this subgenre and just want to test it out, this is probably a little too intense of a place to start.

**ARC provided by Ardent PRose**

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