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Friday, June 16, 2017

ARC Review: Too Close To Call by Tessa Bailey

This is book 3.5 in the Clarkston siblings series. I've read all the other books in the series and it really has been one of my favorite series. This installment doesn't directly feature one of the Clarkston siblings. If you've read the other books though, you'll be familiar with Kyler whose relationship with Bree is featured in this novella.

Kyler left the small town of Bloomington to become a college football star. He thought his one true love, Bree, was coming with him because that was their plan. At the last minute, Bree informed Kyler that she wasn't going anywhere effectively ripping his heart out and leaving it in shreds. Four years later, Kyler graduates and gets drafted by the NFL. He is headed to LA to play pro ball but is determined that he will not be going without Bree. Kyler returns to Bloomington for Bree and nothing has changed. And by that I mean that Kyler and Bree still have off the charts chemistry but Bree is still a spotlight shunner while Kyler's life brings out ALL the lights.There is no obvious way to reconcile Bree's desire for a small town life and the big city glitz that Kyler is headed towards. But it turns out that when Kyler really starts to examine what it is that Bree wants and why she wants it, he might just find the answer to how to make things work. When they were in high school, Kyler was too young and to hurt to look at the "whys" he just knew Bree was bailing on him. Now that he's a "man" (I mean, he's 22, which is like 12 in woman years), he's able to see more of the picture.

I liked Kyler from reading about him in the last book. He is a really sweet guy. He's wholesome but also has a dirty mouth, he's funny and he's serious about the woman he loves. Bree was veering towards getting on my nerves several times. It was clear that she really loved/wanted Kyler. Bree's emotional hang ups which logically originated when her mother bailed on her family, while reasonable issues were also making me scream WHAT ARE YOU DOING WOMAN. Bree and Kyler together is a win. The two are absolutely perfect for one another and Bailey does a great job portraying their feelings towards each other and how much they make sense when together. The only small problem for me is that the characters in this book are just too young. Their flashbacks are about high school and all the freaky things they did as juniors and seniors. If you are a new adult romance fan, you'll love this but for me the characters were just a little too young. This is still a great installation in the Clarkston siblings series so happy reading.

**ARC provided by Inkslinger PR**

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