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Friday, June 16, 2017

Review: Suddenly Dirty by JA Low

Suddenly Dirty is the first book in the Dirty Texas series by J.A. Low and is also the first book that I have read from her. I was given a copy of this book through the Quirky Blind Date with a Book program and I am so glad this was one that I was able to read. While there were some things I had issues with, I couldn't put this book down. Once I started, I had to know what would happen and I read this in one sitting. 

After finding out that her husband had been cheating on her, Sienna headed out on the road with her best friends working on tour with rock band Dirty Texas. Sienna was looking to move on with her life and came face to face with her crush and new boss Evan when she found herself naked in bed with him. Evan and Sienna share a scorching night together and everything changes for them. They agree to a fling together before going to just friends since they know a relationship between them would be impossible. But what happens when they both want more, yet know they shouldn't?

These two had clear chemistry and were hot together right from the start. I felt like I could relate to them and understand them, even while they both frustrated me. I was invested in them, and I kept hoping that they would find a way to work things out as their connection continued to grow. I will say though that a big problem I had here was that they had so much back and forth and continued to fight what was right in front of them. I might have been able to get past that, if it weren't for the fact that there were others involved. This book would have been a solid four to five star read for me, except for that fact. While it was never cheating as they weren't officially together, that is what it felt like and I couldn't get over it since there were feelings involved and they both wanted each other. The worst part for me is that they weren't just with other people in between them being together, but often times it was within the same scene and immediately after they were with someone else they would hook up. There was once scene that especially bothered me, and it really hurt my opinion of them both. 

Overall, this story had a lot of promise and I couldn't put it down but it also had a lot that didn't work for me. I love angsty stories and this one definitely had that going for it, as well as the fact that Evan and Sienna were clearly great together. I just wish that there wouldn't have been so many others involved here. I did really like a lot of the secondary characters though, and I am interested in reading their stories. J.A. Low is an author that I might never have read if not for the Quirky Blind Date program, but I am looking forward to reading more from her in the future.

**Review Copy Provided by Quirky Blind Date with a Book**

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