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Thursday, June 15, 2017

ARC Review: His Temptation by Amber Barden

I'm giving this book 3 stars to be fair to this particular sub-genre and people who might enjoy it. This book is from a subset of erotic romance for readers who enjoy "Daddy-Little Girl" themes. I've discovered something about myself, I don't enjoy this. So if you're like me this book is not going to be 3 stars for you. It's going to be closer to a 2 star or just something that you wouldn't read. I tell you all that to let you know that my perspective is somewhat skewed and may not be reflective of a more accepting outlook on this brand of erotica.

This is a novella, it's only about 90 pages and there isn't all that much of a story. I have to say though, for this to be as short as it is there was actually pretty decent character development. Katie is Clay's dog walker who also has other odd jobs. Katie is the daughter of a mother with 7 children and no Dads who stuck around. Even though Katie claims that she does not have "Daddy" issues, she has spent her whole life caring for other people and has never had anyone to protect her or make her feel special. Clay is a retired baseball player who lost his first career when he got injured. As a result Clay has kind of lost himself. He is trying his best to live his new life but he doesn't own it the way he owned his life as an athlete and he's struggling.  Katie thinks that Clay is cold and disapproving but she soon discovers that he is conflicted. Clay loves the way that Katie calls him Daddy (she does it more as a joke but that's hard to explain) and it makes him realize how much he wants to take care of her. Clay and Katie embark on a super hot exploration of their chemistry that quickly turns into exactly what both of them were looking for in and out of the bedroom.

I really had to take a minute to figure out what about these books I don't like and I got it. I can handle the "Daddy" part of the equation. I have no problem with a bossy man who wants to take care of a woman. I'm totally into that. What is a major turn off for me is the "little girl" part of the story. Katie bouncing around like a 10 year old in pigtails purposely goading "Daddy" and make him chase her....I get that may be hot for some of ya'll and I am not here to judge. But that part skeeves me all the way out. There is nothing sexual, in my mind, about little kid behavior and the more the characters behave in that way or are attracted to that, the more I check out of the book. I get that someone like Katie needed a chance to be a little girl because she never really had that. What I can't go for is Clay wanting to be the Daddy to the little girl...and also bang her. Yeah, this sub-genre is definitely not for me. But if it's your thing, dive right in. There is nothing wrong with the writing and the story is well put together.

**ARC provided by Ardent PRose**

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