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Monday, June 12, 2017

ARC Review: Lover by Marni Mann and Gia Riley

I absolutely loved this book! The minute this one downloaded to my Kindle I started reading and was immediately hooked. There are a lot of books that once I start reading I don't want to put down, but with Lover it was impossible for me to put it down. I read it in one sitting and absolutely devoured every single word of this story both anxious and dreading getting to the end. Gia Riley and Marni Mann had me completely captivated with West and Piper and I never wanted this book to end. 

Piper's marriage hasn't been the same for awhile, and she is lost trying to figure out what to do to get her and Cannon back on the same page. When she stumbles on a forum that introduces the idea of swinging, she begins to think that might be what could save them. As Piper and Cannon meet a couple and venture into new territory, they begin to realize that they had drifted apart more than they thought and the people 7:they are now is no longer who they had married. Soon they are each finding their desires fulfilled by another in a way they never had with each other, but what happens when Piper starts to feel more for West? 

First let me tell you that this book was HOT! West was super sexy and I couldn't get enough of him! West and Tilly's marriage had been more about sex than anything else, and it was clear they clicked on that level. However with Piper, West had a connection and these two were clearly more right from the start. They felt perfect for each other in every way, and that just grew stronger as the story continued. Piper loved Cannon, but no matter what she tried she knew there was a lot he wasn't telling her. I felt so bad for her and how she struggled because of that doubt and the insecurities that seemed to be reinforced as Cannon continued to not let her in. West was the exact opposite, and was what she truly needed! He built up her confidence and showed her that she was desirable and worth so much more. I loved these two for one another and they clicked on absolutely every level! 

I will say that while I absolutely loved this book and highly recommend it, that it won't be for everyone. This is one book that needs to be gone into with an open mind. Both West and Piper are married to other people and while the swinging is agreed upon by all parties, you do see sex between West and Tilly as well as West and Piper, and the same happens with Cannon and Tilly as well as Cannon and Piper. It continues throughout the story, and I know that some will have some problems with that. For me, I knew what this book was going in and I was able to appreciate it for the story being told. As steamy and hot as this story is, it is about so much more and is one that to me is an absolute must read. This is a love story at it's core and I think it is definitely worth taking the chance on even if it is a bit out of your comfort zone. I honestly can't wait to go back and read this again, and I really can't wait to see what these two write in the future. I will definitely be keeping my eye out for more books from them!

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