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Sunday, June 8, 2014

ARC Review: 21 Days by Bethany Lopez

21 Days is the second book in Bethany Lopez's Time For Love Series. After reading Cal and Shelly's story, I couldn't wait to get to know TJ and Sasha better! I really enjoyed their story, and I love this group of characters. These are easily read as standalones, but I really recommend starting at the beginning because they are short and are worth the read.

When TJ loses his job and apartment, he has no idea what he is going to do. When his best friend Sasha overhears, she offers to let him stay with her. He agrees that he will stay, but only for 21 days. Even though TJ and Sasha have always been attracted to each other and flirt, they have never had anything other than friendship with the other. But once they are living together and spending so much time together, their passion quickly ignites and they agree to see where things go while he is living with her. But even though they both had a horrible family life as children, their lives were really different. Sasha comes from money, and TJ never had any and was left to fend for himself. Can Sasha and TJ successfully take their friendship to the next level, or will their differences create too many problems for them to overcome?

I really liked both TJ and Sasha. TJ was sweet and thoughtful, and also really hardworking. He wanted to do things on his own and prove that he could provide for himself. He had a lot of pride, and sometimes it created problems for him. But I really loved how TJ was with Sasha, and that he could admit that he liked watching movies with her and just hanging out at home. He didn't feel the need to try and impress her, and I liked how comfortable he was with her. They could just be themselves and it really worked. Sasha was comfortable in her skin and she knew what she wanted. She also had a vulnerability to her though that she didn't show to many people. I felt like she was her true self with TJ, and that he was able to really see all sides of her and love the real her. They had great chemistry, and they had such a great foundation because of their friendship.

Overall, I thought that TJ and Sasha were a really great couple. They were perfect for each other, and I loved seeing them take their friendship and turn it into more. I really like this series, and I think that this group of friends is so cool. The characters are likable and easy to relate to, and I really love the camaraderie between them. They are always there for each other and are so supportive. I am so interested to see where things are headed with Scott and Gaby. In this story and the previous one, you could tell that things are really escalating with them. There is so much between them and I am really curious to see what will happen next. I recommend this story if you are read the first book, and also if you are looking for a short sweet and sexy read. TJ and Sasha are worth the read, and I would definitely recommend this story. I look forward to reading more from Bethany Lopez in the future, starting with the next installment in the series 42 Hours.

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  1. Casey, thank you so much for the lovely review! I appreciate it!