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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

ARC Review: House of the Rising Sun by Kristen Painter

In 2068, New Orleans is overrun by vampires. Olivia Goodwin, Augustine Robelais’ adopted mother figure, has been killed by them. Her estranged daughter, Harlow, comes to town to collect her inheritance. She needs almost a million dollars to pay a fine and stay out of jail. The sticking point between mother and daughter is Harlow’s father’s identity. None of the court papers mention him. She and Augustine inherit equal halves of the house and require them to live together. Both of them are fae. Harlow’s powers are so strong she wears gloves and avoids touching people. She can read memories. When the Guardian of the city is killed, Augustine is tapped to fill the post. He reluctantly accepts and recruits a collection of other spirited beings to help him. In the meantime, Harlow is contacted by her father and realizes her mother was right to keep him a secret. He is a raptor and an evil man. He tries to blackmail Harlow into helping him. Living in the close quarters adds to the attraction between Augustine and Harlow. They have a shared history because of Olivia. She has brought them together. The witches hate living under fae rules and some have aided the vampires. Olivia lives in a mirror and talks to Augustine. She is able to offer some insight into what they are up against with the vampires. I was ready for the big showdown and the story ended. To be continued…

Augustine is a compelling character. Abandoned by his father and disowned by his mother, he’s found by Olivia. He has to master his powers without any help. He takes on responsibilities for the safety of the city and his kind. There’s no payment, it’s expected of him to risk his life. He’s honorable toward Harlow out of respect for her mother, but some hot kisses hint of his resolve may break soon.

Harlow is interesting because her power is so strong. She can relive the history of objects as well. Knives, black magic crosses, and clothing are brought to her to read. Her goal to find her father back fires big time and makes her sorry for the time lost with her mother. She decides to use her gift to find her mother’s killers.

Augustine and Harlow make an excellent couple. Their talents play off each other and their banter is full of special meanings. There are many interesting secondary characters which will populate the future books. Plus the title is a hat tip to the Animals' classic song.
Make yourself at home.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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