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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

ARC Review: To Scotland with Love by Patience Griffin

Cait Macleod has arrived back in Scotland in defeat. She left Chicago, her dead cheating husband, and her deader journalism career behind. Her last surviving relative is Deydie, her maternal grandmother. She’s a stubborn mean woman who doesn’t like Cait or anyone or anything. Cait arrives in Gandiegow during a storm to find her newly purchased home burned to the ground. She knocks on the neighbor’s door and finds herself face to face with the famous gorgeous actor, Graham Buchanan. He played Mr. Darcy and Colonel Brandon. Double yum! She never realized he lived there and she grew up with his son, Duncan. Both he and his mute son, Mattie, live in the small town. Graham accuses her of being a reporter and slams the door in her face. When she explains who she is and what happened, he offers her a room above the pub. She’s avoiding staying with Deydie and he doesn’t blame her. Thinking about Graham and how attracted she is to him, but doesn’t want to be, Cait gets an idea. She calls a magazine and offers an exclusive about the reclusive Graham Buchanan. She sees it as a path back to her career and tries to ignore the disregard for another’s privacy, especially someone who’s helping her. Deydie is the leader of the quilters in town. Cait can sew and is making something for Deydie for Christmas. She even comes up with a cottage industry for the town, making her refurbished house into a quilting retreat and a tourist stop. The whole town helps each other out. Duncan is a fisherman and others pitch in to babysit Mattie. Cait is drawn to the silent boy. He witnessed a boat accident years ago and hasn’t spoken since. Cait has started journals chronicling Graham’s movements around town, his charity toward others, and his stunning appearance in a kilt. She’s also falling in love with him. A true tragedy strikes the town and Cait can’t go through with the article. When the journals are accidently found, she must explain herself and apologize to everyone.

This is not a typical romance. Graham and Cait are a couple, but they hurl insults at each other constantly. The people who love each other are constantly fighting: Deydie and Cait, Cait and Graham, Graham and Duncan. There are no endearments and fewer pleasantries which makes the story real. Love isn’t tidy and neat. There are old wounds that open up and pull the hurt feelings back through the wringer. All the relationships bare some bruises, but all heal and move on.

Many of the quilts referred to in the story are classic designs and I found myself stopping to look them up on the Internet.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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  1. This sounds like an interesting read. I love books like that. Great review!