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Monday, March 30, 2015

ARC Review: The Hazards of Sleeping with a Friend by Alyssa Rose Ivy

The Hazards of Sleeping with a Friend is the fifth book in the Hazards series by Alyssa Rose Ivy. I have enjoyed this series since the beginning, so I was excited to read another installment. Each book can be read as a standalone, though the characters are interconnected and you get to actually meet Jade and Kyle previously in this series. I liked these two together, and I thought that they were good for one another. I did think that this book was good, but there were a few things that kept this from being a great read for me though. 

Jade and Kyle have been friends for awhile, since she started working for the radio station that Kyle works for. Though Kyle is technically her boss, they have always treated each other as equals. When Kyle needs Jade's help, she reluctantly agrees to pretend to be his girlfriend for a family vacation that Kyle asks her to go on. But it doesn't take long before their pretending turns into real feelings. But when their week long vacation is over and they return to real life, will their relationship be over? And when Kyle's life suddenly falls apart, will he be able to lean on Jade for support, or will he push her away? 

I liked Kyle and Jade well enough, and I liked them together. But these two had some issues and I kept waiting for them to kind of figure things out. Both Kyle and Jade had some insecurities and while Kyle was ready to take their relationship to the next level, Jade wasn't. I felt like her reasons for her insecurities were sort of over-hyped. When all was revealed it was pretty nonchalant and didn't really seem to be as big as I would have expected for her to be so against relationships. At least to get in the way of a relationship with a friend that she knew was a good guy that wouldn't hurt her. It was brought up and then quickly dropped before more drama was dumped on these two. Then when Jade finally did start to come around, things happened with Kyle that seemed to come way out of left field. Not only did Jade not have a clue about the stuff that was going on, but I felt like as a reader it didn't fit his personality at all. Yes Kyle had some issues with his family, but I felt like the stuff that came up about him was so different from what we had seen of him as a person throughout this series and book. It just didn't fit to me, and I found myself not believing that things were as serious as they were made out to be. 

While I liked the chemistry and friendship between Jade and Kyle, I just didn't feel as though this book was anything new or different. To me, this book was predictable and had been done before. I was hoping that there would be something to make this one stand out and be different from the fake relationship to real one trope, but unfortunately this one was just okay. I think if you are a fan of this series, you might like this one and give it a shot. But if you are looking for something different or unique, I don't know that I would recommend it. It had it's enjoyable moments, but overall this one was easy to forget as soon as I finished reading.

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