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Monday, March 30, 2015

Guest Post with Author Siera London and Giveaway

Meet Siera London, author of Chasing Ava.

Siera London knew she wanted to be a writer when she kept searching for interesting topics to write. She tried fiction writing first, but when the words of the page bored her to tears, she decided to write what she enjoyed reading. A couple of days a week, she is a nurse practitioner at a private pediatric clinic. At night, she writes sizzling romances with emotion and humor.

A lover of all things culinary, Siera lives in the Washington, D.C. area with her husband, and a color patch tabby named Frie. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, teaching or volunteering in the local community. She’s a member of Romance Writers of America.

Let me preface this post by stating that I spent twenty-two years as a nurse in the United States Navy. A little escapism was definitely in order after a thirteen hour day of saving lives-enters the era of romance novels after dark. During my years of service I never lived in one location more than three years. And the real kicker is, my family and I loved the excitement of living in a new location, experiencing a new culture, and getting a “new to you house” every eighteen months to three years. Friends came and friends went, but my novels stayed with me. My naval career was an opportunity that I will be grateful for until my last breath. I learned that I derive great joy not only from a new destination, but from the journey itself.

How does my twenty-two year naval career relate to romance? For me, the journey of falling in love is one worth reliving. Every time I crack the spine on a new romance book I remember how I felt when I first laid eyes on my husband. He really did make my heart beat faster! I kissed that man a thousand times in my mind before any actual kissing took place. And when he did touch his lips to mine, I know collared doves took flight, eagles soared (can never forget the Navy’s crest) and the angels in heaven wept with joy.

Obviously, I’m describing the infatuation stage of romantic love. This is when Cupid repeatedly shoots you in the hinge parts with “I’m so hot for him, I can’t go to work” dipped arrows. If you are over 21, you know this stage does come to an end. Not exactly a crash landing, but the doves go on vacation, the eagle starts flashing his talons and the angels are bowed in prayer. For us storytellers, this is when the good part starts to happen on the page. When all the conflict and power struggles rear their trouble making heads in our stories and we can’t type fast enough to get all the emotion and angst on the page. For readers, it’s this stage in the romance that keeps you up past midnight, has you late for work in the morning, and reading through your lunch hour. All you avid readers out there have a kindred spirit in me.

And just like in our own lives, characters are forced to accept their flaws, take risks and make difficult decisions. There is uncertainty and fear all tangled up in the promise of having your love returned. But when our heroine realizes this is the man she loves and she’s willing to fight to be with him. Man, I’m right there on the page, plowing down every foe with her. Why? Because I don’t want life to happen. Give me the fairytale, thank you very much! I want my happily ever after. I want to experience that first kiss everyday of my life. I love the journey of falling in love and my husband’s kiss still makes my heart beat faster. What do you remember about a first kiss?

In Chasing Ava, Ava Walter’s is fighting for more than her dream, she’s fighting to regain her voice in a world that has left her scarred inside and out.

Ava Walters is a pediatric nurse who doesn't do relationships. An abusive past has left her wounded, but she is determined to pursue her dream of becoming a Navy Nurse. Ava is in the midst of rebuilding her life when she is targeted by a sexual harasser who wields the power to destroy her dream before it sets sail.

Logan Masters, is an ambitious specialty surgeon whose past is riddled with betrayal. His trust in women is conditional - no secrets and no boundaries. When he comes to Ava's rescue, there is no denying the spark of attraction. Things get complicated when Logan pursues Ava, rather than the arranged relationship that holds the key to his future.

After years of being alone Ava starts to believe that love is possible under Logan’s skillful touch. But Ava is harboring a secret she doesn’t want exposed. Determined to guard her heart, Ava soon discovers Logan is as focused on winning her heart as she is at shielding it.

When secrets and broken alliances threaten to torpedo both their futures, how will they learn to trust each other and chart a new course to lasting love?

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  1. I remember my first kiss with my husband ... I remember feeling surprise when his lips touched mine ... there was a rush of tingling heat through my body
    it was magic!

  2. I don't really remember it but it must of been good I married him.

    1. Amen! It was great if you decided to keep him. :-)

  3. I remember the location of a (good) first kiss! If it wasn't such a good kiss, I'd probably remember why is was less than stellar.

    1. I agree, MrsMac19. Location, location, location...

  4. My first kiss isn't really worth mentioning....but the first time I kissed my husband...AMAZING. Our first kiss was in high school because he was/is my high school sweet heart. This was my second I was still new to the kissing thing. But when we kissed I knew then that he was bound to be an important part of my life forever. And still to this day the anticipation when he leans in, the way that other sounds fade out, the way my body recognizes it's soul mate, the "giddy teenage girl feeling" is still there every single time my husband kisses me.

  5. First kisses are never good - second kisses are better.

    1. Practice makes perfect..keep the kisses coming.

  6. I think the anticipation of kissing someone for the first time is much more exciting then it actually is.