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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Review: Seduced By The Senator by Alex Elliott

Seduced By The Senator is the first book in the Dirty Little Secrets Series by Alex Elliott. I will admit that I was drawn in by the cover and blurb, but I had no idea what to expect since I hadn't ever read anything by this author before. I could not put this book down! I was instantly drawn into the story, and I had to know what would happen next for Xavia and Bennett. Not to mention this book was super hot! I am very excited to see where this series goes from here! 

Xavia Kennedy is tired of doing things the way her family wants. Being a Kennedy, her life is planned out by her family and she is ready to escape. She has a plan, and she intends to see it through. One night while out with friends she meets a sexy stranger and proceeds to have a sexy hook-up in a bar hallway. He calls it a mistake, and she walked away. Though they didn't speak again after that night, they both can't get it out of their heads. When Xavia's best friend offers her the break she needs, she heads to D.C. as the newest intern for Senator Bennett Stone. Bennett Stone never expects his new intern to be the girl he can't get out of his mind, and though he knows it goes against everything he should do he finds himself unable to fight his attraction to her. But Xavia and Bennett both have secrets that would be disastrous if put into the wrong hands. Bennett needs Xavia to agree to his terms in order to protect them both, but will X agree or continue to argue with him every step of the way? 

Bennett Stone is sexy and alpha, and I loved him right away. He is so comfortable with himself, he knows what he wants and what he needs. I loved how put together and successful he is on the outside, and how that control translates when it comes to his desires. He is one of the sexiest Doms I have ever read about, and it was so clear to me why X would be so drawn to him. I liked that he was always in control, except when it came to X. He found himself breaking rules constantly with her, and I loved seeing him unable to fight the pull he felt to her. X was strong and smart, and I loved how feisty she was. She might be a Kennedy, but she was determined to be her own person. She gave Bennett a run for his money when it came to control, but she also was able to submit to him as well. These two really challenged each other, and I loved every minute of it. Their attraction and chemistry was instant, and it is shocking that my Kindle didn't overheat with these two. But I actually loved how they could verbally spar and the witty banter between them. 

Overall, this was a great first installment and I can't wait for more! I absolutely loved how things progressed between these two. The pacing was fantastic, and I really liked Alex Elliott's writing style. This book sucked me right in and I couldn't stop reading until I had devoured every single word. I am anxious for more of these two and can't wait to see where they go from here. If you are looking for a captivating story that has a ton of steam, you are going to want to check this book out! I love these two together, and I think that readers will love them just as much as I do.

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