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Friday, July 17, 2015

ARC Review: Lady Scandal by Wendy LaCapra

This book wasn’t my cup of tea. From the beginning to almost the end I was lost. This is the second book of the Furies series by Wendy LaCapra. If I had read the first book, maybe I would have liked the story a little more and followed it better. This is disappointing to me because most historical romances can be read as a stand-alone regardless of whether or not they’re in a series. This was not the case. If you want to try this series, I highly suggest starting with Lady Vice.

Sophia is the daughter of a deceased spy who made her life miserable. She didn’t admire anything about him or any of his actions. He had his enemies as well, and because she is his daughter, she becomes threatened by a man code named Kasai. The book starts at the afternoon of her wedding to Lord Randolph. Shortly after the wedding she learns that he trained under her father and she feels tricked. She flees to the country to try anonymity to hide from Kasai and her new husband.

Hugh, (Lord Randolph), is dismayed that Sophia learned about his past connections with her father. He admits meeting her was her father’s plan, but he was never expecting the attraction he feels. He wants to keep her safe from Kasai but he also has a mission to complete. The conflicts make him distracted and he makes mistakes. Sophia’s disappearance doesn’t help matters any, by pulling him in two directions again.

The couple is put under a lot of stress trying to deal with their feelings for each other, and the threat of Kasai and his accomplices. I was disappointed that the story began where it did. I wanted more detail on the flirting preceding the wedding. There are flashbacks, but they just didn’t give me everything I needed. There was one instance of the “F” word being used to describe intimacy, so that also helped knock down my opinion of this book. The last thing that brought my rating down was how long it took me to read. I just never felt that urge to read it, and always thought of other things that would be better to do.

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