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Monday, July 13, 2015

ARC Review: Playing With Pleasure by Erika Wilde

This is my second book by Erika Wilde and the second book in the Player's Club series. The books are total stand alones and you don't need to read Book #1 to read this one. For those of you who are just tuning in, the Player's Club is a sex club where...players go to do sex stuff, mkay. Paige goes to the Player's Club to snap herself out of the relationship funk she fell into after breaking up with Sawyer and who does she run into? You guessed it, Sawyer. Sawyer has regretted the clusterfuq that caused him to lose Paige and he's been using the club ever since for no strings attached kinky sex with strangers. When Sawyer sees Paige at the club he is immediately determined that if it's pleasure she wants, she's going to get it from him. As the book progresses Paige has to decide if she wants to trust Sawyer beyond just mere freaky hook ups. That's hard to do given the circumstances of the demise of their initial relationship.

I like the actual relationship between Sawyer and Paige. As they re-explore the possibilities of being together there seems to be a genuine connection between the two. Sawyer is committed to Paige and supports her in her professional endeavors. Paige also suffers from some self esteem issues that Sawyer is really good at dealing with. Sawyer offers Paige affirmation and helps her to see the things about herself that are good but that she seems to ignore.

The sex scenes in this book are also pretty good. Sawyer's particular kink involved ropes. I personally find all the ropes to be a little complicated. Like remember that cat's cradle game you played as kids? That's the visual I get from all the ropes, it just doesn't do anything for me but that's not the point. The sex scenes were still pretty good and enhanced the overall quality of the book.

Now, for what I really did not like. I did not like that Paige let her stepsister walk all over her without really standing up for herself. I just couldn't understand why after Paige's history with her stepsister she continued a relationship with her. I don't enjoy the punching bag type characters and that's the feeling Paige was giving me.

The other thing that I really don't like is that the situation which split Paige and Sawyer up was a criminal act but nobody in the book ever viewed it as such. There was no appropriate outrage over what happened and it really bothered me. If the roles had been reversed and Paige had been the one in the situation that Sawyer was in, I don't think anyone would have just overlooked it. I don't want to spoil what happens in the book even though it becomes clear pretty quickly. All I can tell you is that the depiction of the act and everyone's reaction to it really turned me off.

I think if the whole criminal thing had been depicted in a more serious way and not as just a random fluke, I could have given this book at least four stars. But because I hated how that issue was dealt with, I'm going with three stars. I still like this author, and other than that one issue I liked the book and I'm sure I'll read more by this author.

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