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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

ARC Review: Sinfully Mine by Kendall Ryan

Sinfully Mine is the second book in the Lessons with the Dom series by Kendall Ryan. This book is a standalone story featuring characters interconnected to the first book, The Gentleman Mentor. Sinfully Mine centers around Hale's little sister Macey and his best friend Reece. I was really curious to get to know Reece better after meeting him in the first book, and I can never help myself when it comes to this trope! That being said, this book was not as good in my opinion as the first in the series and there were a few things that I had issues with. 

The last thing Reece Jackson expects is for his best friend's little sister to show up at the sex club he owns looking for him. He hasn't seen Macey Hale in years, but she has always been forbidden. Things between them were complicated before, but he kept them from going all the way. Now with Macey back and on the verge of starting her life over after her ex cheated on her, she is looking for someone to fulfill his desires. Though Reece knows he should be the last one to help her out, he would rather it be him than someone else. So he proposes a deal for three lessons with no strings attached, and at the end of their time together they will go their separate ways. But Reece and Macey are unable to avoid the feelings they get when around each other again, and it is only a matter of time before they find themselves falling for one another once again. 

One of my biggest issues with this book was Reece. I wanted to love him so much, and yet for most of the book he did nothing but piss me off. I didn't understand why he was so closed off. He was the one that broke things off years before, and he was the one determined to help Macey out now. Yet he acted as though she had broken his heart and he was out to punish her for it. He treated her horribly and was an absolute jerk to her. For someone owning a sex club and living a BDSM lifestyle, the fact that he never gave her aftercare was impossible for me to get over. Aftercare is extremely important, and besides brief guilt here or there, he really seemed to show no remorse over how he treated her. How could he possibly ease someone into the lifestyle (his best friend's little sister who he supposedly cared about no less!) and not provide even a little bit kindness and care when he was finished. Macey was one of those characters for me that while I liked her, I just didn't really connect with. I was rooting for her and Reece and I wanted for her to be happy. Yet there was something that kept me from being able to relate to her. She had moments where she would challenge Reece and stand up to him, and others when she seemed to lose all fight and would just give in. She was a bit wishy washy I guess is what I had problems with. These two did have chemistry, but honestly I just wasn't feeling their connection with everything that happened or didn't happen as the case may be. 

Overall, I have to say I was a bit disappointed with this installment. I am a huge fan of Kendall Ryan's, and I absolutely loved Hale and Brielle's book. But Reece made it pretty impossible to ever really get into this book and by the time he started to come around it was a bit too little too late. It's a bit unfortunate as I was really looking forward to this story after loving The Gentleman Mentor so much. I think that some readers will really enjoy this book, and it wasn't all bad. It just wasn't what I had been expecting or hoping for, and I felt like this one wasn't up to the standards that I have come to know from Kendall Ryan.

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