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Thursday, July 16, 2015

ARC Review: Manwhore +1 by Katy Evans

Manwhore +1 is the continuation of Malcolm Saint and Rachel Livingston's story by Katy Evans. This book picks up right where we left off with Manwhore after the cliffhanger, and it should not be read unless you have already read Manwhore. This is not a book that you can read by itself. When I had first started Manwhore, I had no idea that it would end with a cliffhanger, so I have been dying to get my hands on this book! I needed more of Malcolm, and I needed to know what would happen! 

Malcolm Saint was an assignment for Rachel Livingston. It was her job to get answers from him, and to find out as much about him as possible. The more she revealed of him though, the more she revealed of herself. Rachel found herself falling for the one man that all of Chicago wanted but was unable to get for longer than a few nights. But when everything went bad between them, Malcolm's trust in Rachel was shattered. Now after weeks of not speaking, they are finally in contact again and Rachel is surprised to find that Malcolm wants something from her. But what Malcolm is asking for is the last thing that she expected. But Rachel wants more than Malcolm seems to be willing to give, and she is determined to prove to him that he can trust her with his heart. But can Malcolm more past what happened and let her in again? 

I really loved Malcolm in this book. He was obviously wary of Rachel and her feelings for him, and yet you could tell that he still cared for her. Things had gone badly for them before, but their feelings had never been the issue. Both Rachel and Malcolm were falling for each other for the first time, and they had no idea what it really meant to be in love with someone else. I liked seeing them work on rebuilding the trust and hot they were able to move forward after everything that had happened. There were times that Rachel drove me a bit nuts, even though I understood where she was coming from. She wanted answers and promises, and yet she wasn't thinking about why it was taking Malcolm time to give that to her. He needed to see that she was there for good and that he was it for her, before he could give himself to her again. But I loved seeing him open himself back up, and there were so many times that he won me over here. I just couldn't get enough of him! 

Overall, this was a good addition to the series and I was glad that Malcolm and Rachel were able to deal with everything that had happened in the first book. I love these two together and I never stopped rooting for them to work things out. These two are such a perfect fit together, and I really can't imagine anyone else being it for either of them. They were a lot of fun to see and were super sexy together as well. This book was really well written as all of Katy's stories are, and I can't wait to read the next in this series. Katy Evans is a great writer, and this series is definitely one of my favorites.

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