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Sunday, November 15, 2015

ARC Review: Blurring The Lines by Marisa Cleveland

I have to start by saying that if you've read any boss/secretary contemporary romance, you have read this book. I don't at all mean that as a criticism. I tend to revisit a formula when the plots work for me and I actually really enjoy the office romance formula. The only issue that you might have with this book is that it follows the formula so closely with so little variation that you might lose interest from time to time.

So, for a brief synopsis, we have Blake rich CEO and Kira who becomes Blake's secretary. One slight twist in the story is how Kira comes to be Blake's CEO. As it turns out Kira has dual business and law degrees so she is a bit overqualified for the position but she has her reasons for taking it. Kira strikes a deal with Blake and part of the deal is that she will become Blake's secretary. Blake needs a secretary for two separate reasons, 1. he overworks every assistant until she quits and 2. every other assistant wants to ride him like a Ferris wheel so he has to fire them. As it turns out, Kria seems immune to both the effects of working like a slave and Blake's charm- or so it seems.

There is a very slow build up to the actual relationship between Blake and Kira but from page one there is instant chemistry. I liked a lot of the things that happened pre-hookup. I felt a genuine connection between the characters and I never found myself wondering why they wanted each other.

There were moments in the book where I felt like the author tried to distinguish this plot from others in this genre and it came off seeming like she was trying. For example, the thing about Kira having the multiple degrees and still taking the job with Blake, I just found it hard to believe and it didn't fit with her whole anti-corporate moral standards. I don't care if stuff is unbelievable but if it borders on the ridiculous, it can detract from the overall book and that might have been the case a few times here. I felt the same way about Kira's foster animal program that Blake let her run out of the office. I mean, I guess it could happen but for Kira to be the one in need of the favor, she seemed to really be pushing her luck. The sex in the book is minimal and very meh in the descriptions but the book moves quickly and overall is an entertaining fun read.

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