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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

ARC Review: Good Girl Vs. Bad Boy: The Marine Meets His Match by Jessie Evans

Good Girl Vs. Bad Boy isn't the first book I have read from Jessie Evans and it won't be the last. I have really enjoyed a lot of Jessie's books and GGVBB had a lot of really great moments. Unfortunately it wasn't my favorite from her, but I really think that is a personal thing here rather than it being the story itself. I think a lot of readers will really enjoy this book, and it is very possible that this book just wasn't meant for me. 

Phoebe Page has always been the good girl. But after losing her sister, she is ready to live her life and not focus on being so good anymore. So when she runs into her best friend's older brother (the guy she has crushed on her whole life), she wants nothing more than to have a sexy holiday fling with him. After getting injured, Colton Brody has worked hard to find a way to get back in action with the Marines. The last thing he needs to do is put down roots or get attached to his little sister's best friend. But Phoebe isn't the same girl he remembered, and before long she is getting under his skin. But can Colton give up the dream of returning to the Marines for a chance at a future with Phoebe, and if he chooses to fight for her can he convince Phoebe to take a risk on more than just a fling with him?

I did like Phoebe and Colton, and it was easy to see that these two definitely had a friendship between them. But while Phoebe had wanted more from Colton for years, Colton didn't seem to really notice her until she was all grown up. I thought that they did have chemistry between them and the more time they spent together the more their connection grew. But as must as I liked these two, I just didn't really feel connected to them or invested in their story. A lot of that was the fact that this entire book and Phoebe's character were so quirky that it was just hard for me to really get into. I didn't feel like I could relate to her, even though she was likable enough. 

I also felt like while the humor and some of the quirkiness was okay, this one got a little over the top for me. While there was a warning in the blurb about a few of the crazier things, the rest of the blurb made this book sound like something a bit different than what it actually was. For me this one wasn't what I had been expecting or hoping for, and so no matter how funny or cute some moments were it just wasn't a book that I really loved. I think that Jessie Evans is a great writer though, and I really believe that this was just a case of it's not you, it's me. If you are looking for a quirky romance and don't mind some over the top antics, I would recommend giving this one a shot.

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