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Friday, November 20, 2015

ARC Review: Pirate Princess

Pirate Princess is a young adult fantasy romance. It centers around a teenage girl named Talia. Up to the age of ten she has lived with her pirate father and his crew. According to her deceased mother's wishes, the King of Pirates leaves her with her aunt and uncle, the King and Queen of Crilan.

Tilia must keep her father's identity a secret for her and his safety. This creates a lot of conflict in the beginning. For Tilia's seventeenth birthday, her aunt and uncle have a ball. Potential suitors come to meet the princess. She meets a young man named Finn out on the balcony, and he steals her necklace. This sparks an exciting romance.

Honestly, this book was mostly a disappointment for me. I was expecting some Pirates of Carribean ruthless pirates. What I got was kindhearted mostly fatherly pirates. There were a few "bad guys" but they were usually defeated early. I felt the book was ending about 6 different times. There just wasn't a clear plot line. I also felt conversations were very drab and choppy.

It wasn't the worst Young Adult book I've ever read but it wasn't anywhere near the ranks of Divergent or The Giver. Thank goodness though, there wasn't any love triangle. If that had showed up it would have been a dnf. However, the romance was way too simple. I found Finn to be too much of a flatterer. I got annoyed by it.

There was quite a bit of action which made parts of the book exciting.There wasn't anything unique about the magic of the world. The author would create a conflict (like a sea dragon) and then Tilia would miraculously have an ability to counter it (she could talk to it because she is royalty) and then the ability is never really mentioned again.

I really thought this premise for a book had so much potential. I was able to stay interested enough until the end, but I have no desire to continue the series. I think possibly that actual Young Adults might find the story entertaining, but it's not one that many adults would like.

**ARC provided by Tasty Book Tours**

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