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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

ARC Review: Monster Prick by Kendall Ryan

Monster Prick is a standalone spin-off of Kendall Ryan's book Screwed. This book is about another couple though, so you do not need to have read Screwed first though I would recommend it as the characters are interconnected. Now that Gracie has landed her dream job, she is ready to find a man to settle down with. Though she has always wanted her brother's best friend Hudson, he has never seen her as more than his friend's little sister. So when she turns to an online dating site to find a man to lose her virginity to, she never expects Hudson to offer to take care of her V-Card problem. But Gracie knows that Hudson doesn't do relationships and isn't sure that she can just keep their time together as sex without falling for him even more. 

I really liked both Gracie and Hudson and I thought that they were great together. They had a history and the chemistry was off the charts between them! They had some super sexy times together and I really enjoyed not only the steamy stuff, but also their adorable moments together too. I do think that their relationship was real and believable and that they made a great couple. 

The thing that kept me from loving this book though was the fact that it was far too short. We got to see them go from being only friends to seeing them explore their physical relationship. While it was great to see Gracie embrace that side of herself and start something with Hudson, we didn't see them actually take their relationship to the next level on the emotional side of things. I wanted to see them really getting to know one another and see them date and grow closer beyond the bedroom and we were given none of that. I did like the epilogue, but I honestly felt like it came out of nowhere. I wanted to see how we got from the last chapter to the epilogue, and it really felt like the jump between was something that the reader definitely should have seen. I didn't like the fact that it left off where it did only to pick up in a completely different place when that skipped portion was probably what would have been my favorite part.There was so much potential here between these two, and I really felt like their relationship could have sustained an entire novel rather than just a novella. While they were sexy and fun together and it was great to be able to read this short story quickly, I found myself wanting more and disappointed that we didn't get to see everything when it came to Gracie and Hudson's story.

**ARC Provided by Inkslinger PR**

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